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History of Geophysics, Volume 1

History of Geophysics, Volume 1

C. Stewart Gillmor (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66521-3 March 2013 American Geophysical Union 149 Pages


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the History of Geophysics Series, Volume 1.

This book marks the beginning of what we hope will be an annual series of volumes presenting articles concerning the social and intellectual history of the geophysical sciences, broadly defined. It is a collection of materials appearing originally in the journals of the AGU and selected from issues published during the past 10 years or so. We hope these articles will be of considerable interest to a wide and diverse audience, including professional geophysicists and AGU members, students of the geosciences, historians, and those concerned with public or policy aspects of the sciences. With these audiences in mind, AGU is offering this hardcover volume at what is a quite reasonable price, given the current average prices of monographs and books.

Historical Aspects of the Geophysical Sciences

Hydromythology and Ethnohydrology in the New World
W. Back 1
Water Resources Research, 17, 257-87, 1981.

Sponsored Research in Geomagnetism 130 Years Ago
R. Green 32
Eos, 53, 778-9, 1972.

The Ancestry of Solar-Terrestrial Research
M.A. Pomerantz 34
Eos, 55,955-7,1974.

The Place of the Geophysical Sciences in Nineteenth Century Natural Philosophy
C.S. Gillmor 37
Eos, 56,4-7,1975.

Folklore and the Aurora
R.H. Holzworth 41
Eos, 56, 686-8, 1975.

Historical Aspects of the IGY
M. Nicolet 44
Eos, 64, 369-70, 1983.

Krakatau 1883: A Classical Geophysical Event
T. Simkin and R.S. Fiske 46
Eos, 64, 513-4, 1983.

Genesis of the International Geophysical Year
J.A. Van Allen 49
Eos, 64, 977, 1983.

The History of the lTD, with Particular Attention to the CCITTand the CCIR, and the Latter's
Relations with DRSI
E.K. Smith  51
Radio Sdence, II, 497-507, 1976.

The Ionospheric Sounder and Its Place in the History of Radio Science,
O. G. Villard, Jr. 62
Radio Sdence, II, 847-60, 1976.

The Structure and Functioning of the Geophysical Sciences

Scientific Communication in Geophysics
W.O. Garvey and K. Tomita 77
Eos, 53,772-7,1972.

Referees and the Publication Crisis
F.T. Manheim 83
Eos, 54,532-7,1973.

Communication Modes of Geophysics: The Case of Ionospheric Physics
C.S. Gillmor and C.J. Terman  89
Eos, 54, 900-8, 1973.

International Meetings in Solar-Terrestrial Physics
L.J. Lanzerotti and M. Sugiura 98
Eos, 55, 648-54, 1974.

Is JGRExpensive?
A.F. Spilhaus, Jr. 105
Eos, 56, 483, 1975.

Historical Geophysical Data and Their Analyses

Tidal Cycles of Volcanic Eruptions: Fortnightly to 19 Yearly Periods
W.L. Hamilton 107
Journal of Geophysical Research, 78, 3363-75, 1973.

Analysis of Ancient Atmospheres, R.C. Robbins, L.A. Cavanagh
L.J. Salas, and E. Robinson 120
Journal of Geophysical Research, 78, 5341-4, 1973.

Polar Faculae During the Interval 1906-1975
N.R. Sheeley, Jr. 124
Journal of Geophysical Research, 81, 3462-4, 1976.

Evidence in the Auroral Record for Secular Solar Variability
G.L. Siscoe 127
Reviews of Geophysics and Space Physics, 18, 647-58, 1980.

An Analysis of Periodicities in the 1470 to 1974 Beijing Precipitation Record
S. Hameed,  W.M. Yeh, M.T. Li, R.O. Cess, and W.C. Wang  139
Geophysical Research Letters, 10, 436-9, 1983.

Biographies of Geophysicists and Celebrations

Fifty Years-Past and Hence
H.E. Landsberg  143
Eos, 50, 103, 1969.

Waldo E. Smith: A Quarter Century of Service
H.E. Newell  144
Eos, 51, 599, 1970.

This Small World
J. Kaplan  145
Eos, 54, 538-9, 1973.

W.B. Langbein Obituary  147
Eos, 64, 41, 1983.

F.W. Reichelderfer Obituary  148
Eos, 64, 393, 1983.