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History of Italian Art, Volume I

Peter Burke (Translator), Ellen Bianchini (Translator), Claire Dorey (Translator)

ISBN: 978-0-745-61754-1 September 1996 Polity 352 Pages


Published in two volumes, History of Italian Art provides a major history of Italian Art from antiquity to the present day. A distinguished group of cultural historians provide a comprehensive account of Italian "art" in the wider sense, examining not only painting and sculpture, but also photography and iconography, restorations and fakes, landscapes and writing.

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List of Illustration.

Publisher's Note.

Preface by Peter Burke.

1. The Italian Artist and his Roles: Peter Burke.

2. Centre and Periphery: Enrico Castelnuovo and Carlo Ginzburg.

3. Italian Art and the Art of Antiquity: Nicole Dacos.

4. The Dispersal and Conservation of Art-historical Property: Francis Haskell.

5. The Public Reception of Art: Anna Maria Mura.


"These well-chosen essays provide a comprehensive overview of Italian art." The Art Book Review

"Very useful essays ... and all of them could be readily set for undergraduate and graduate reading." The Oxford Art Journal

  • This major new work covers many centuries, from antiquity to the present day
  • Both volumes are lavishly illustrated including a total of 257 plates of works by such artists as Botticelli, Titian, Bellini, Pisano, Lotto, Da Modena, Giotto and many others
  • It brings together a distinguished group of cultural historians and art historians
  • The two volume set is available at #10.00 less than the combined price of the individual volumes.