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Hollow Core Fibers: New Developments and Key Applications

Hollow Core Fibers: New Developments and Key Applications

Jürgen Popp, Markus A. Schmidt

ISBN: 978-3-527-34317-1

Aug 2020

350 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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The book presents a comprehensive overview of the field of hollow core optical fibers, both from the scientific as well as from the application viewpoint. The book covers subjects ranging from the various optical guidance mechanisms used in recently developed hollow core fibers, methods how to fabricate those and applications of such novel fibers with a focus on the domains of biophotonics and life science.
New Geometries
Antiresonant Fibers for UV Guidance
Kagome Fibers
Negative Curvature Fibers
Photonic Band Gap Fibers
Light Generation Inside Hollow Core Fibers
Raman Spectroscopy Inside Photonic Band Gap Fibers
Signal Transportation and Telecommunication
Medical Applications of Hollow Core Fibers