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Hooked on Baja: Where and How to Fish Mexico's Legendary Waters

Hooked on Baja: Where and How to Fish Mexico's Legendary Waters

Tom Gatch

ISBN: 978-0-881-50726-3

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120 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The definitive guide to fishing and exploring the coasts of the Baja California Peninsula

Much more than a simple fishing guide, Hooked on Baja incorporates many true-life adventures from some of Baja\'s foremost outdoors personalities along with travel information, deliciously authentic south-of-the-border recipes and, for those who end up being "hooked on Baja" themselves, vital information on how to go about purchasing and legally securing real estate property along the picturesque coast of the Baja California peninsula. 75 black & white photos, 10 maps.


Table of contents


About the authors

  • Why us --?] Who are we?
  • What is One Thousand & One – the story behind our name


Introduction (or About this book)

  • Who is this book for?

We will show you as business people, CEOs and leaders, how to inspire and influence, attract and retain customers, clients and staff to experience immediate business results.

  • We're going to show you how to do this using real--?]world examples, anecdotes and stories that we have experienced firsthand over the past eight years.
    We’ll also show you how high--?] profile leaders such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have successfully, and unsuccessfully, done this.


PART 1 – Stories save lives! (Why you must become a business storyteller to succeed in business)

What in the world is business storytelling?

  • Business storytelling what it is and what it’s not
  • The buzz on business storytelling
  • Killer examples of stories
  • Story verses anecdote, verses metaphor – aka what school didn’t teach you


Why on earth do I need it?

  • Only dinosaurs stick with the facts
  • Facts fade, stories stick
  • Death by PowerPoint is preventable
  • The leader who uses stories verses the one who doesn’t
  • Connect, engage, inspire (Aristotle’s model)
  • Show me the love
  • The love child of Branson and Jobs


PART 2 – What type of storyteller are you?


The Storytelling Intelligence Model

  • Discover your natural style
  • The pros and cons for each style
  • Why is it important to become an Inspirer?
  • How you can do this


PART 3 – Let’s go! How to create a story

  • The purpose of your stories (pitching for new clients, your next team meeting, presenting to the board)
  • Who is your audience? Walking in their shoes
  • The right stories for your audience and purpose
  • Story techniques that make your stories sing
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Pulling it all together – crafting beginning, middle and end
  • Story checklist


PART 4Practicing stories

  • Easy and fast practice techniques
  • Curse of knowledge – telling someone else to see if they understand it
  • Congruence – your actions must match your words


PART 5 – How do you know your stories work?

  • The million--?]dollar answer
  • The F word – ‘Feedback’ on your story
  • Storytelling success matrix…not another bloody model
  • The 6 R’s of storytelling, the ‘secret storytelling business’ stuff no one tells you about
  • How to get better at this FAST


PART 6 – Getting your stories out there

  • Brussels sprouts and sales
  • Bruce Springsteen and customer service
  • Copper head snakes and risk management
  • Asbestos buildings and pitching your idea
  • The communications channels you can use for storytelling
  • How this is going to get you sales, attract and keep clients and crush your competitors
  • Blogging and your website,
  • The elevator pitch is dead!


PART 7 – Think outside the box

  • How do I implement this company wide?
  • Story harvesting is not just for a season
  • WOW your boss, help your brand to grow and get that promotion



  • In summary
  • How to share your stories of success with us and be inspired by others stories
  • Download free stuff from our website to keep you going