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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 11

Horticultural Reviews, Volume 11

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06084-1 February 2011 484 Pages


Horticultural Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables, nut crops, and ornamentals. These review articles, written by world authorities, bridge the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of horticultural scientists and teachers.


1 Approaches to Phytohormone Studies on Regulation of Plant Processes: A Reassessment (Franco Zucconi and Martin J. Bukovac).

I. Introduction.

II. Statement of the Problem.

III. Hormone: Event Parallel Variation.

IV. Other Approaches to the Study of Bioregulators.

V. Multiple Hypotheses and Approaches.

VI. Concluding Remarks.

Literature Cited.

2 Physiology and Biochemistry of Flower Petal Senescence (Amihud Borochov and William R. Woodson).

I. Introduction.

II. Biochemical Changes in Senescing Petals.

III. Regulation of Petal Senescence.

IV. Summary and Concluding Remarks.

Literature Cited.

3 Freeze Protection for Horticultural Crops (Mark Rieger).

I. Introduction.

II. Passive Freeze Protection.

III. Active Freeze Protection.

IV. Concluding Remarks.

Literature Cited.

4 Environmental and Physiological Regulation of Photosynthesis in Fruit Crops (J.A. Flore).

I. Introduction.

II. Methodology and Units.

III. Environmental Factors.

IV. Physiological Factors (Internal).

V. Future Needs.

Literature Cited.

5 Seedlessness in Grapes (C. A. Ledbetter and D. W. Ramming).

I. Introduction.

II. Anatomy.

III. Inheritance.

IV. Plant Growth Regulators.

V. Future Development.

Literature Cited.

6 Productivity in Red Raspberries (Adam Dale).

I. Introduction.

II. Phenology.

III. Physiology.

IV. Cultural Practices.

V. Genetic Factors.

VI. Possibilities for Further Research.

Literature Cited.

7 The Relationship Between Vegetative Growth and Fruiting in Apple Trees (C. G. Forshey and D. C. Elfving).

I. Introduction.

II. Seasonal Growth Pattern of Apple Trees.

III. Factors Affecting Vegetative Growth.

IV. Factors Affecting Flowering and Fruiting.

V. Vigor.

VI. Vegetative Growth-Fruiting Interactions.

VII. Effective Management.

Literature Cited.

8 Bitter Pit in Apple Fruit (I. B. Ferguson and C. B. Watkins).

I. Introduction.

II. Definition and Description.

III. Cultivar Susceptibility.

IV. Factors Involved in Bitter Pit.

V. Physiology of Bitter Pit Development.

VI. Concluding Remarks.

Literature Cited.

9 Physiological Disorders and Maladies of Pear Fruit (John Thomas Raese).

I. Introduction.

II. Classification of Disorders and Maladies

III. Description, Causes and Control of Preharvest Physiological Disorders.

IV. Description, Causes and Control of Postharvest Physiological Disorders.

V. Summary and Conclusions.

Literature Cited.

10 Postharvest Physiology of Peaches and Nectarines (R. E. Lill, E. M. O'Donoghue, and G. A. King).

I. Introduction.

II. Cultural Factors.

III. Harvest Maturity.

IV. Fruit Handling.

V. Prestorage Treatments.

VI. Storage Conditions.

VII. Ethylene Effects During Storage.

VIII. Ripening of Immature Fruits.

IX. Physiology of Mature Fruits.

X. Susceptibility to Internal Browning

XI. Respiratory Activity.

XII. Chilling Effects on Membrane Permeability.

XIII. Fruit Composition.

XIV. Cell Walls.

XV. Ripening Enzymes.

XVI. Fruit Browning Literature Cited Chilling Effects on Membrane Permeability.

XVII. Conclusions.

Subject Index.

Cumulative Subject Index.

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