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Horticultural Reviews, Volume 9



Horticultural Reviews, Volume 9

Jules Janick (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-06094-0 January 2011 459 Pages



Horticultural Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews on topics in horticultural science and technology covering both basic and applied research. Topics covered include the horticulture of fruits, vegetables, nut crops, and ornamentals. These review articles, written by world authorities, bridge the gap between the specialized researcher and the broader community of horticultural scientists and teachers.

Contributors viii

Dedication xi

1 Energy-Efficient Greenhouses 1
Gordon J. Monk and J. M. Molnar

I. Introduction 1

II. Structural Modifications 2

III. Alternative Energy Sources 14

IV. Environmental Management 32

V. Future Developments 38

VI. Summary 39

Literature Cited 31

2 Plant Growth Regulators in Rose Plants 53
Yoram Mor and Naftaly Zieslin

I. Introduction 53

II. Propagation 54

III. Storage of Rose Plants 58

IV. Plant Development 59

V. Flower Senescence 65

Literature Cited 66

3 Nutrition of Container-Grown Woody Nursery Crops 75
Robert D. Wright and Alexander X. Niemiera

I. Introduction 75

II. The Container System 77

III. Methods of Nutrient Application 78

IV. Nutrient Requirements for Growth 80

V. Soil Testing 88

VI. Tissue Analysis 90

VII. Timing of Nutrient Applications 90

VIII. Conclusions 93

Literature Cited 95

4 Elemental Status of Pine Bark-Based Potting Media 103
R. J. Ogden, F. A. Pokorny, H. A. Mills, and M. G. Dunavent

I. Introduction 103

II. Common Chemical Characteristics of Soil Organic Matter and Softwood Bark 104

III. Cation Exchange Capacity 105

IV. Nitrogen 108

V. Phosphorus 112

VI. Potassium 113

VII. Soil Reaction, Lime, and Calcium 114

VIII. Magnesium 117

IX. Micronutrients 119

Literature Cited 124

5 Iron Deficiency Chlorosis 133
Ronald F. Korcak

I. Introduction 133

II. Soil Iron 137

III. Iron Uptake 144

IV. Iron Translocation 153

V. Measures of Plant Iron Status 154

VI. Bicarbonate-Induced Chlorosis 158

VII. Iron Chlorosis: Horticultural Occurrences 161

VIII. Use of Chelates 169

IX. Conclusion 171

Literature Cited 172

6 Ginseng: Industry, Botany, and Culture 188
J. T. A. Proctor and W. G. Bailey

I. Introduction 188

II. Industry 188

III. Botany 195

IV. Culture 206

V. Concluding Remarks 229

Literature Cited 230

7 The Honey Bee Pollination Component of Horticultural Crop Production Systems 237
G. DeGrandi-Hoffman

I. Pollination in Agroecosystems 237

II. Pollination and the Production of Horticultural Crops 243

III. Mechanisms for Cross-Pollination 256

IV. Concluding Remarks 259

Literature Cited 260

8 Tissue Culture of Temperate Fruit and Nut nees 273
James F. Hutchinson and Richard H. Zimmerman

I. Introduction 273

II. Micropropagation 274

III. Virus Elimination 318

IV. Genetic Improvement 318

V. Germplasm Conservation 324

VI. Commercial Application 325

VII. Conclusions 327

Literature Cited 327

9 Summer Pruning of Apple and Peach Trees 351
Richard P. Marini and John A. Barden

I. Introduction 351

II. Peach 353

III. Apple 360

IV. Summary 367

Literature Cited 370

10 Orchard Floor Vegetation Management 377
E. J. Hague and G. H. Neilsen

I. Introduction 377

II. Major Orchard Floor Management Systems 379

III. Effects on the Tree and Crop 382

IV. Effects on the Soil 405

V. Concluding Remarks 417

Literature Cited 420

Subject Index 431

Cumulative Subject Index 433

Cumulative Contributor Index 444