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Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition



Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition

David C. Bojanic, Robert D. Reid

ISBN: 978-1-119-19512-2 August 2016 384 Pages

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Hospitality Marketing Management, 6th Edition explores marketing and themes unique to hospitality and tourism. The 6th edition presents many new ideas along with established marketing principles, exploring not only the foundations of marketing in the hospitality world but also new trends in the industry.

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Chapter 1 Introduction to Hospitality Marketing


The Marketing Mix

Services Marketing

Destionation Marketing

Service Trends Affecting the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Case Study: Campus Center Hotel

Case Study: Location, Location, Location?


Chapter 2 The Marketing Environment and Sustainability


The Marketing Environment

Sustainable Development

Managing for Sustainability

Case Study: Arizona Hotel Resort and Spa

Case Study: Bushwood Country Club


Chapter 3 Understanding the Behavior of Hospitality Consumers


Factors that Influence Consumer Behavior

Consumer Decision-Making Model

Consumer Problem-Solving Processes

Consumer Problem-Solving Techniques

Organizational Buyer Behavior

Case Study: Spring Break Vacation

Case Study: Tempura Garden


Chapter 4 Market Segmentation and Positioning


Segmentation Variables

Market Segmentation Decisions

Market Segmentation Strategies

Positioning the Product–Service Mix

Case Study: Destination Market Segments

Case Study: Segmenting and Positioning in the Cruise Industry


Chapter 5 Developing a Marketing Plan


Marketing Plans

The Marketing Planning Process

Sales Forecasting

Case Study: Kilts and Ale

Case Study: Planning at the Westwind Resort


Chapter 6 Information for Marketing Decisions


Sources of Marketing Information

The Marketing Research Process

Destination Research

Ethical Issues in Marketing Research

Case Study: The Biggest Loser Resort

Case Study: Bel Air Motel

Appendix: Data Collection and Sampling


Chapter 7 Pricing Strategy


Factors that Affect Pricing Decisions

Broad Pricing Strategies

Pricing Techniques and Procedures

Segmented Pricing

Revenue Management

Pricing Law and Ethics

Case Study: Airline Pricing (Internet application)

Case Study: The Pasta Shack


Chapter 8 Developing New Products and Services


Planning for New Products

Organizing for New Product Planning

New Product Development Process

Identifying Products and Services

Destination Product Development

Case Study: Product Development Dilemma at Rocco’s

Case Study: The Development of Seasons 52


Chapter 9 Managing Products and Services


Product Life Cycle

Developing Strategies using the Product Life Cycle

Resource Allocation Models and Applications

Managing in the Service Environment

Techniques to Assess Customer Satisfaction

Case Study: Starbucks Coffee

Case Study: Service Quality at the Excelsior Hotel


Chapter 10 Distribution and Supply Chain Management


Distribution Strategy


Case Study: Ice Cream Heaven

Case Study: The Wing Shack


Chapter 11 Electronic Commerce


The Scope of Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Strategy

Internet Strategies

Case Study 1: Hospitality and Tourism Web Site Analysis

Case Study 2: Electronic Commerce Strategy at Malone Golf Club

Appendix:  Web Site Evaluation Sheet


Chapter 12 Integrated Marketing Communications


Managing the Promotional Mix

Managing the Advertising Function

Planning and Evaluating Advertising Campaigns

Criticisms of Advertising

Case Study: The Glen Pub

Case Study: Mr. C’s Sandwich Shoppes


Chapter 13 Advertising and Social Media


Developing Media Plans

Print Media

Broadcast Media

Direct Mail

Support Media

Social Media

Case Study: Social Media Use by Restaurants

Case Study: Advertising Decisions for the Alexandria Inn


Chapter 14 Sales Promotions and Public Relations


Sales Promotions


Public Relations

Case Study: Restaurant Sales Promotions

Case Study: Promotion at Princess Suites


Chapter 15 Personal Selling


Selling to Group Markets

The Personal Selling Process

Personal Selling Tools

Ethical Issues in Personal Selling

Case Study: College Sports Team (Role Play)

Case Study: Atlantis Resort





  • New Chapter 2, on the marketing environment and sustainability. In keeping with current industry trends, a new chapter has been written to combine the components of the external marketing environment and sustainability practices in hospitality and tourism.
  • More coverage of the Internet and technology. In this edition, the added coverage of the Internet and technology was continued, including a section on social media under advertising and promotion.
  • More coverage of the tourism industry within each chapter. The book now covers destination marketing in the introduction chapter, the information systems for marketing decisions chapter, the new product development chapter, the product management chapter, and the sales promotions and public relations chapter.  In addition, there are new cases related to tourism.
  • More coverage of international marketing. The importance of a global economy directly affects the hospitality and tourism industry. As in past editions, an effort was made to provide more international examples and references throughout the book to illustrate this trend.
  • New case studies. Fourteen new case studies were added to this edition, and each chapter now contains two case studies.
  • Takes an applied approach to exploring the foundations of marketing in the hospitality industry and its unique themes.
  • Explores the rapidly evolving world of ecommerce and its impact on hospitality marketing.
  • Provides insight into consumer behavior and how firms can segment markets and target customers.
  • Identifies strategies for promotion in the hospitality industry.