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Host-Guest Molecular Interactions: From Chemistry to Biology

Host-Guest Molecular Interactions: From Chemistry to Biology

Derek J. Chadwick (Editor), Kate Widdows (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51408-5 September 2007 288 Pages


Composed of contributions from experts in the chemical and biological sciences, it explores host-guest molecular interactions leading to the formation of molecular assemblies containing two or more species. Exciting applications are emerging in this field and it is expected that improved understanding of the interactions in synthetic host molecule complexes will lead to a better understanding of the more complex biological systems. Topics include biomimetic chemistry, preorganization, self-assembly, template-directed synthesis, antibiotic binding to peptides and DNA, interactions between proteins and other molecules.
Partial table of contents:

Molecular Self-Assembly Processes (J. Stoddart).

Self-Assembly in Supramolecular Systems (G. Gokel).

Molecular Recognition and Molecular Sensors (W. Albery).

The Natural Design of Vancomycin Family Antibiotics to Bind to Their Target Peptides (J. Waltho & D. Williams).

Enzyme Mimics (R. Breslow).

Binding of Antibiotics to DNA (M. Waring).

Design of Sequence-Specific Bifunctional Nucleic Acid Ligands (T. Montenay-Garestier, et al.).

Synthesis and Biochemical Studies of Dithioate DNA (M. Caruthers, et al.).

Conformational Flexibility and Protein Specificity (G. Roberts).

Binding of Peptides to Proteins: An Exercise in Molecular Design (A. Edmundson, et al.).

Involvement of Water in Host-Guest Interactions (R. Lemieux, et al.).

Molecular Modelling Approaches to Host-Guest Complexes (J. Vinter & M. Saunders).

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