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Hot Deformation of Aluminum Alloys III

Hot Deformation of Aluminum Alloys III

Z. Jin (Editor) , A. Beaudoin (Editor) , T. A. Bieler (Editor) , B. Radhakrishnan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-00040-3

Jan 2003

568 pages

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These proceedings address recent progress in theoretical and experimental studies of hot deformation of aluminum alloys. Technical papers from fundamental research and industrial applications cover such topics as hot deformation mechanisms, evolution of grain structure, texture, precipitates, and damage in thermomechanical processes including rolling, extrusion, forging, superplastic forming, friction stir welding, severe plastic deformation forming, hydroforming, and semi-solid forming. The design and optimization of thermomechanical processes and microstructure using fundamental understanding, development of models, and computer simulation are also addressed.

A collection of papers from the 2003 TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition, which was held in San Diego, California, March 2-6, 2003.



Analysis of Recrystallization Kinetics From Microstructural Evolution and Micro- Hardness Determination (M.H. Alvi, B.S. El-Dasher and A.D. Rollett).

Recrystallisation Growth Rates in Hot Deformed Aluminium (D.J. Jensen and R.A. Vandermeer).

Fundamental Processes Responsible for Continuous Dynamic Recrystallization: An In-Situ TEM Study (L.M. Dougherty, I.M. Robertson and J.S. Vetrano).

Effect of Hot Deformation on Recrystallization Behavior of Al-4.5Mg Alloy (B. Ren).

The Texture and Structure of Commercial Purity Aluminium After Hot Rolling (A. Klyszewski, M. Lech-Grega, W. Szymanski and J. Zelechowski).

Effect of Alloy Chemistry on Microstructural Evolution During Deformation of Al Alloys (
P. Trivedi, D.P. Field and H. Weiland).

Grain Boundary Sliding and Grain Refinement in As-Cast 7475 Aluminum Alloy Under Hot Deformation (O. Sitdikov, A. Goloborodko, R. Kaibyshev and T. Sakai).

Static Recrystallization in Al Alloys After Hot Working (H.J. McQueen, E. Evangelista and H. Farah).

Recrystallization Behavior in Aluminium Alloys After Hot and Cold Deformation; An Experimental and Modelling Treatment (S. Tangen, H. Bjerkaas, S. Abtahi, B. Holmedal, T. Furu and E. Nes).

The Influence of Die Shape on the Behaviour of Surface Recrystallisation (X. Duan and T. Sheppard).

A Sensitivity Analysis of the Work Roll-Strip Interface Parameters Used During Modelling of Hot Rolling for AA5083 (H. Ahmed, M.A. Wells, D.M. Maijer and M.R. van der Winden).

Development of Through-Thickness Texture Gradient During Continuous Cast Processing of AA 5052 Aluminum Alloy (W.C. Liu, Z. Li, T. Zhai, C.-S. Man and J.G. Morris).

Analysis and Comparison of Dislocation Structures in Cold and Hot Deformation (G. Winther and N. Hansen).

Microstructure Evolution in Al-3%Cu Alloy During Intense Plastic Straining at 150°C (R. Kaibyshev, I. Mazurina, I. Denisova and O. Sitdikov).


Creep and Superplasticity in Al Alloys (F.A. Mohamed).

Microstructure and Creep of the Al-2Mg-0.2Sc Alloy (E.A. Marquis, D.N. Seidman and D.C. Dunand).

High Strain Rate Superplasticity of Metal Matrix Composites (T. Imai, S. Dong, L. Zhen, I. Shigematsu and N. Saito).

High Strain Rate Superplastic Deformation of 30 Vol.% AlNP/6061Al Composite (J. Niu, L. Han and H. Hu).

High Strain Rate Superplasticity in Aluminum Alloys and Review of Its Current Commercial Applications (T. Mukai and K. Higashi).

Characterization of Superplastic Response in Al-Mg Alloys (P.A. Friedman and W.B. Copple).

Superplasticity in a Commercial Al-Mg-Mn-Sc Alloy Subjected to Severe Plastic Straining (F. Musin, R. Kaibyshev and Y. Motohashi).


Mesoscale Modeling of Cube Texture Evolution During Hot Working of Aluminum (B. Radhakrishnan and G. Sarma).

Dynamic Response of AA7075 Aluminum Alloy as a Function of Temperature (Z. Jin, W.A. Cassada, C. Cady and G.T. Gray).

High Temperature Properties and Processing of AA7050 (B.E. Gore, S. Harnish, H. Padilla, B.J. Robinson, A.J. Beaudoin, J.A. Dantzig, I.M. Robertson and H. Weiland).

Application of Mesoscale Finite Element Simulations to Study the Evolution of Cube Texture During Hot Deformation of Aluminum (G.B. Sarma, B. Radhakrishnan and T. Zacharia).

A Finite Element Model for Crystal Plasticity During Large Deformation and Comparison with Experimental Measurements (R. Prasannavenkatesan, B.Q. Li, D.P. Field and H. Weiland).

Formation of Extrudate Surface (T. Sheppard and X. Duan).

A Friction Stir Welding Model Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (T. Long, T.U. Seidal, W. Tang and A.P. Reynolds).

Modeling Friction Stir Joining as a Metalworking Process (W.J. Arbegast).


Microstructural Refinement and Control in Friction Stir Processed Aluminum Alloys for Superplasticity (I. Charit, Z.Y. Ma and R.S. Mishra).

High-Temperature Mechanical Performance of a Cryomilled Al-Mg-Sc Alloy (B.Q. Han, A. Verma, F.A. Mohamed and E.J. Lavernia).

Developing a Processing Route for Grain Refinement in an Al-6061 Metal Matrix Composite (Y. Huang, C. Xu, M. Furukawa, Z. Horita and T.G. Langdon).

Grain Refinement in an Al-Li-Mg-Sc Alloy During Intense Plastic Straining at 300°C (R. Kaibyshev, K. Saytaeva, F. Musin and Y. Motohashi).

Development of Homogeneous Microstructure in Pure Aluminum Processed by ECAP (C. Xu and T.G. Langdon).

Hot Rolling Textures in Al Alloys (J. Hirsch).

Parameters Affecting Strain Rate Sensitivity in Al-Mg Alloys (J. Mukhopadhyay).

Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Castings in Aluminum Alloys with Liquid Hot Isostatic Pressing (M. Cabibbo, E. Evangelista, S. Gallo and V. Latini).

The Optimized Tensile and Fatigue Properties of Experimental Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloys (S.C. Bergsma, M.Z. Wang and M.E. Kassner).

Evolutions of Textures and Particles of a Continuous Cast Al-Mg Alloy During Hot Rolling (X.Y. Wen, T. Zhai, Z.D. Long, C.H. Xiao and J.G. Morris).

Spray Rolling Aluminum Strip: Process Modeling and Parametric Studies (S.B. Johnson, J.-P. Delplanque, E.J. Lavernia, Y. Zhou, Y. Lin and K.M. McHugh).

Spray Rolling Aluminum Strip – Process Development and Strip Properties (K.M. McHugh, E.J. Lavernia, Y. Zhou, Y. Lin, J.-P. Delplanque and S.B. Johnson).

Rolling Process Optimization by Sensor Fusion Control Architectures (G. Fodor and S. Linder).

The Effect of Homogenization Practice on the Microstructure of AA6063 Alloys (Y. Bírol, G. Kara, S. Ucuncuoglu and M. Usta).

Tensile Behavior of Open-Cellular Al Foams at Ambient and Intermediate Temperatures (I. Nieves, F. Arceo, T.G. Nieh and J.C. Earthman).

Fracture Behavior of Al-Mg Alloy in Elevated Temperature Processes (P.T. Wang, R.E. Roadman, Z. Jin and S. Alexandrov).

Deformation and Failure Mechanisms in Commercial AA5083 Materials (M-A. Kulas, P.E. Krajewski, T. McNelley and E.M. Taleff).

Constituent Particle Break-Up During Hot Rolling of AA 5182 (A. Baldacci, A. Bigot, H. Klöcker and J.H. Driver).

Microstructure Study During Hot Deformation Processing of Aluminum 7075 with Rapidly Engineered Dies (D. Mathur, K. Agarwal and R. Shivpuri).

Structure-Mechanical Property Relationship for Al(Sc,Zr) Alloys (C.B. Fuller, D.N. Seidman and D.C. Dunand).

Effect of Forming and Treatment Parameters on Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Al-Li Extrusions (K. Šperlink, V. Ocenášek and K. Macek).

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