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Hotel Front Office Management, 5th Edition



Hotel Front Office Management, 5th Edition

James A. Bardi

ISBN: 978-0-470-91178-5 February 2011 512 Pages

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The Fifth Edition of Hotel Front Office Management is one of the leading texts in addressing the demands for instructing future leaders of the hotel industry.  Educators who are preparing professionals for roles as front office managers and general managers in hotels are required to meet the challenges of operations, technology, training, empowerment, and international applications.  This latest edition of Hotel Front Office Management continues to encourage students to take an active role in applying these concepts to the exciting world of hotel operations. The emphasis on management continues to play a central role in Hotel Front Office Management, Fifth Edition.  The text’s structure will assist students as they prepare for positions as entry-level managers.  The logical presentation of chapters in order of operations - overview of Lodging Hospitality; tour of the Front Office, review of the Guest Cycle, and analysis of Guest Services - allows students to gain insight into a front office manager's role in the hotel.

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Chapter 1 Introduction to hotel management 1

Chapter 2 Hotel organization and the front office manager 37

Chapter 3 Effective interdepartmental communications 73

Chapter 4 Property management systems 95

Chapter 5 Systemwide reservations 129

Chapter 6 Revenue management 165

Chapter 7 Guest registration 184

Chapter 8 Managing the financials 222

Chapter 9 Guest checkout 237

Chapter 10 Preparation and review of the night audit 261

Chapter 11 Managing hospitality 308

Chapter 12 Training for hospitality 336

Chapter 13 Promoting in-house sales 362

Chapter 14 Security 381

Chapter 15 Executive housekeeping 411

  • "Select Service” lodging terminology to reflect the change for former limited service lodging is introduced to reflect current changes. 
  • Technological advances including social media, guestroom technology, IT infrastructure, surviving a tough economy with help from technology, and demystifying Web 2.0 are now included in the technological list of advances of lodging industry.
  • The section on Brands has been updated to include two research studies and names of current lodging properties.
  • Hotel Organisation and the Front Office Manager includes an update for the components of the organisation charts of the large, full service hotel, a medium size lodging property, and a select service lodging property.
  • Emphasis on the use of social media in the Hospitality industry
  • Revenue Management includes a new, vibrant Hospitality Profile of a revenue manager. 
  • Within Preparation and Review of the Night Audit, the end-of -chapter questions were revised to include occupancy percentage, average daily rate, RevPAR, and yield computation.
  • New Section to address the role of the chief engineer responsibilities:  Role of chief engineer in a lodging property, Managing maintenance inter-departmental communications, energy management, and the greening of the lodging Industry.
  • Covers the management and operation of the front office of a hotel or lodging facility using a human resources approach
  • Includes commentaries from hotel front office managers, general managers, and other department managers
  • Contains case studies, industry profiles, and international articles that accentuate the international work force and international career opportunities