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Hotel and Lodging Management: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

Alan T. Stutts, James F. Wortman

ISBN: 978-0-471-79263-5 September 2005 368 Pages

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Hotel and Lodging Management, Second Edition prepares readers to succeed as managers in the hotel and lodging industry, while developing a solid foundation for a long and successful career.  This comprehensive resource combines detailed presentations of each department in a hotel or lodging establishment along with a close examination of organizational structure and the interdependent relationship among departments.

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Preface xiii

Introduction xv

CHAPTER 1 Growth and Development of the Lodging Industry 1

Travel and Tourism 2

The History of Lodging 4

Lodging Industry Classification 7

CHAPTER 2 Organizational Structure 27

Overview of Organizational Design 28

Job Specialization 28

The Organization of a Lodging Establishment 29

Patterns of Authority 37

Span of Control 39

The Pros and Cons of Functional Organization Design 41

Meetings and Committees 42

The Future Organization of Hotels 45

The Hotel Staffing System 47

Career Paths and Opportunities 49

CHAPTER 3 The Front Office 53

Organization 54

Reservations 56

Registration 63

Guest Services 72

Telecommunications 74

Night Audit 75

Checkout 77

CHAPTER 4 Housekeeping 87

Housekeeping Staff 88

Scheduling 93

Guest Room Cleaning 96

Public Area Cleaning 99

Inventory and Control 99

Employee Safety 105

CHAPTER 5 The Marketing and Sales Department 117

The Sales Staff 118

Characteristics of a Successful Sales Department 119

The Telephone Survey 121

The Sales Call 122

Convention Bookings 123

Marketing Functions 127

Advertising 129

Brochures and Collateral Materials 129

Packages 130

Promotions 130

Public Relations 131

Rate Management and Pricing 132

CHAPTER 6 Human Resource Management 135

What It Is and What It Is About 136

Environment 137

Work and People 145

Motivating and Paying 154

Other Issues 159

CHAPTER 7 Hotel Food and Beverage 163

Introduction to Hotel Food and Beverage 164

The Operational Areas of the Food and Beverage Department 167

The Management of Hotel Food and Beverage 177

CHAPTER 8 Loss Prevention and Security 189

Loss Prevention 190

The Security Department 197

CHAPTER 9 The General Manager 217

Operational Control, Organizational Development, and Business Maintenance 218

Total Quality Management 221

The Importance of Communication 223

The Development of a Performance Culture 226

CHAPTER 10 Yield Management 235

Introduction 236

Fundamentals 239

Ways to Achieve Yield Management 241

CHAPTER 11 Management Contracts and Franchise Agreements 247

Management Contracts 248

Franchise Agreements 255

CHAPTER 12 Time - Share and Vacation Ownership 285

History of the Time-Share Industry 287

Resort Sales and Financing 289

Resort Amenities and Fees 294

Management of a Vacation Resort 295

Rules and Regulations of Vacation Ownership 296

CHAPTER 13 Resorts, Themed Lodging, and Special Lodging Environments 301

Recreation and Leisure Activities 302

Activity-Based Lodging 304

Themed Lodging 305

Unique Facilities 314

Other Types of Nontraditional Lodging 316

Summary 318

Review Questions 318

Activities 319

References 319

Glossary 321

Index 331

  • New chapter organization – including separate human resources, marketing and sales, and food and beverage chapters .
  • New case studies have been added to reflect recent trends and issues in the management of hotels.
  • New chapter on yield management.
  • New co-author, James Wortman of University of Houston.
  • Covers the entire operation of the lodging facility, examining the interdependent relationship between departments.
  • Key focus of the text is on rooms management, plus coverage of front office operations, allowing the text to be used in two separate courses.
  • Unique chapters dedicated to resorts and time shares.
  • Biographical Profile in each chapter of a prominent pioneer in the Hospitality Industry.