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How Healthy People, Cultures and Buildings Lead to High Performance

How Healthy People, Cultures and Buildings Lead to High Performance

ISBN: 978-1-119-51116-8

May 2025

288 pages

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About the Authors

Introduction: The Elephant Whisperer

Part 1 ~ Slow Moving Storm: A History of Warnings and Apathy

Chapter 1: A Slow-Moving Storm: The Existential Threat to Business and The Economy

Chapter 2 – The Rainbow in the Storm: Medical Science Meets Building Science

Chapter 3: Storm Damage: The Cost of Forgetting

Chapter 4 – Stress: Portrait of a Killer

Part 2 ~ Is There Shelter From the Storm? A Search for Wellness

Chapter 5: In Search of Wholeness

Chapter 6 – Why Happiness Before Health

Chapter 7 – Where’s the Data? Inconvenient Truths

Chapter 8 – The Mystery of Hospitality: Experiencing the Human Touch

Part 3 ~ Magical Nudges: The Road To Health and Wellbeing

Chapter 9: Nudge Thinking: How Small Things Lead to Big Results

Chapter 10: The Healthy Building Nudge: The Invisible Power of The Workplace

Chapter 11 – The Financial Nudge: The Return on Humans (ROH)

Chapter 12: Becoming Your Best Self: Rest, Engagement, Boundaries and Deep Work

Part 4 ~ Haven in a Heartless World: The Need for Safe Places

Chapter 13 – How They Did it: Creating Ecosystems of Care

Chapter 14 – Courageous Leaders and a Culture of Care

Chapter 15: The MeTEOR Story: Extreme Ownership

Chapter 16 – Starting a Movement: How 2nd Chair Leadership Can Change a Company

Chapter 17 – Haven in a Heartless World: The Promise of a Good Workplace

Appendix A The Well MindShift Core Team

Appendix B – Well MindShift Participants

Appendix C: Personal Story Template