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How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works, 2nd Edition

How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works, 2nd Edition

Martin Roth, Chris Lang

ISBN: 978-0-731-40293-9 September 2011 Wrightbooks 272 Pages


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In this fully revised and updated edition of How Investing in Commercial Property Really Works you'll discover: 

  • the many alternatives available for investing in commercial property, which number far more than most investors realise 
  • the latest statistics indicating that commercial property provides a stronger long-term return than all other asset classes, including residential property and shares, and with less volatility 
  • the eight steps to acquiring investment property for maximum return
  • how you can be a winner in negotiations
  • the effect that emerging social and economic trends -- including the ageing population and regional resurgence -- may have on Australia's commercial property market and your commercial property investments, in years to come
  • how you can add value to your property for even greater returns
  • why, how and when to sell your commercial property 
  • the many taxation advantages of an investment in commercial property 
  • the benefits you can reap private syndicates, and how they are structured 
  • a wealth of resources for investors in commercial property.