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How Organizations Work: Taking a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Health

How Organizations Work: Taking a Holistic Approach to Enterprise Health

Alan P. Brache

ISBN: 978-0-471-21057-3 July 2002 240 Pages




A groundbreaking approach to successful performance improvement

Almost every executive in business today is faced with the challenge of improving performance, from incremental improvements to wholesale organizational change. Here, a world-renowned expert in organizational improvement asserts that most hard-won changes don't last for long, however, because of the inability to identify the root causes of the problem. How Organizations Work offers a clear, integrated solution to performance improvement via a new "Enterprise Model"-which takes into account all variables that influence performance. Alan Brache provides a comprehensive "physical exam" for checking an organization's vital signs and a 360-degree picture of how organizational dynamics can be harnessed to effect permanent improvements in performance.


Chapter 1: Exploring the New Enterprise Model.

Chapter 2: Understanding the External Business Environment.

Chapter 3: Leading the Enterprise.

Chapter 4: Creating Strategic Alignment.

Chapter 5: Rethinking Business Processes.

Chapter 6: Setting Goals and Measuring Progress.

Chapter 7: Reframing Culture.

Chapter 8: Managing Human Capabilities.

Chapter 9: Leveraging Information and Knowledge.

Chapter 10: Putting Organization Structure in Its Place.

Chapter 11: Resolving Business Issues.

Chapter 12: Putting It All Together.