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How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, Collector's Edition



How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, Collector's Edition

Peter D. Schiff, Andrew J. Schiff

ISBN: 978-1-118-77020-7 November 2013 304 Pages


Straight answers to every question you've ever had about how the economy works and how it affects your life

In this Collector's Edition of their celebrated How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes, Peter Schiff, economic expert and bestselling author of Crash Proof and The Real Crash, once again teams up with his brother Andrew to spin a lively economic fable that untangles many of the fallacies preventing people from really understanding what drives an economy. The 2010 original has been described as a “Flintstones” take economics that entertainingly explains the beauty of free markets. The new edition has been greatly expanded in both quantity and quality. A new introduction and two new illustrated chapters bring the story up to date, and most importantly, the book makes the jump from black and white to full and vivid color.

With the help of colorful cartoon illustrations, lively humor, and deceptively simple storytelling, the Schiff's bring the complex subjects of inflation, monetary policy, recession, and other important topics in economics down to Earth. The story starts with three guys on an island who barely survive by fishing barehanded. Then one enterprising islander invents a net, catches more fish, and changes the island’s economy fundamentally. Using this story the Schiffs apply their signature take-no-prisoners logic to expose the glaring fallacies and gaping holes permeating the global economic conversation. The Collector’s Edition:

  • Provides straight answers about how economies work, without relying on nonsensical jargon and mind-numbing doublespeak the experts use to cover up their confusion
  • Includes a new introduction that sets the stage for developing a deeper, more practical understanding of inflation and the abuses of the monetary system
  • Adds two new chapters that dissect the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative easing policies and the European Debt Crisis.  
  • Colorizes the original book's hundreds of cartoon illustrations. The improved images, executed by artist Brendan Leach from the original book, add new vigor to the presentation
  • Has a larger format that has been designed to fit most coffee tables.  

While the story may appear simple on the surface, as told by the Schiff brothers, it will leave you with a deep understanding of How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes.

Disclosure ix

Author’s Note xi

Introduction to the Collector’s Edition xiii

Introduction xvii

Chapter 1 An Idea Is Born 1

Chapter 2 Sharing the Wealth 13

Chapter 3 The Many Uses of Credit 27

Chapter 4 Economic Expansion 39

Chapter 5 Prosperity Loves Company 49

Chapter 6 Put It in the Vault 67

Chapter 7 Infrastructure and Trade 81

Chapter 8 A Republic Is Born 95

Chapter 9 Government Gets Creative 105

Chapter 10 Shrinking Fish 121

Chapter 11 A Lifeline from Afar 131

Chapter 12 The Service Sector Steps Up 143

Chapter 13 Closing the Fish Window 159

Chapter 14 The Hut Glut 167

Chapter 15 The Hut Rut 185

Chapter 16 Stepping on the Gas 203

Chapter 17 A Reprieve 215

Chapter 18 Occupy Wharf Street 227

Chapter 19 The Fish Hit the Fan 241