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How the Brain Works

How the Brain Works

Mark Wm. Dubin

ISBN: 978-1-118-85484-6

Oct 2013, Wiley-Blackwell

136 pages

Select type: E-Book



Not just another standard introduction to neuroanatomy, How the Brain Works is an innovative and fun way to learn about the function and dysfunction of the central nervous system, as explained in nine easy-to-understand "lectures."

This exciting new addition to the "How it Works" series does away with the use of exhaustive details and tedious definitions to provide an understandable and scientifically sound overview of the human brain. This book is neither an outline nor a summary, but an informal approach to the relationship between physiology and manifest behavior, including all essential elements covered in most courses.

Students will find this book to be the perfect introduction to their neuroscience courses, as well as a quick review for exam. Professionals will enjoy the way in which this complex topic is addressed in a simple and straightforward manner, and the general reader will satisfy a basic curiosity about the brain and its role within the central nervous system.


Lecture 1. Components.

Lecture 2. Exploring.

Lecture 3. Sensing.

Lecture 4. Acting.

Lecture 5. Communicating.

Lecture 6. Feeling.

Lecture 7. Thinking.

Lecture 8. Changing.

Lecture 9. Being.

Appendix I: Names and Places.

Appendix II: Terms for Cognitive, Behavioral, and Neurological Disorders.

Appendix III: Cranial Nerves.



*Organized in a very readable format
*Important concepts are highlighted in blue to help information recall
*Includes glossary featuring terms used throughout the text
*Chapters build on the previous one with "reviews" at the begininng of each