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How to Assess Doctors and Health Professionals

Mike Davis, Judy McKimm, Kirsty Forrest

ISBN: 978-1-118-52346-9 January 2013 BMJ Books 160 Pages


This important book offers an introduction to the theory and the varying types of assessment for health care professionals. The book includes information on such topics as Where have work based assessments come from?; Why do we have different parts to the same exam like MCQs and OSCEs?; How do colleges decide who has passed or not?; Why can people pick their own assessors for their MSF?; The role of formative assessment Portfolios and their value. The book avoids jargon, is clear and succinct, and gives the pros and cons of the different assessment processes.

Acknowledgements vii

About the authors viii

Foreword x

Preface xii

Chapter 1 Purpose of assessment 1

Chapter 2 Principles of assessment 24

Chapter 3 E-assessment – the use of computer-based technologies in assessment 41

Chapter 4 Feedback 53

Chapter 5 Portfolios 68

Chapter 6 Revalidation 81

Chapter 7 Assessment types: Part 1 94

Chapter 8 Assessment types: Part 2 110

Chapter 9 Programmatic assessment 126

Chapter 10 Conclusion 134

Index 137

“This book uses several methods that effectively enable readers to reflect and gauge their knowledge during discussion of assessment techniques. It is succinct and its chapters are organized to allow readers to seek information about specific topics with ease. Learning objectives for each chapter, along with illustrations, tables, and self-reflection questions, enhance the text and contribute to the understanding of the concepts. The authors offer a thorough overview of methods of assessment and their application for medical educators, which will enhance student learning.”  (Doody’s, 28 June 2013)