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How to Control Costs in Your Pollution Prevention Program

How to Control Costs in Your Pollution Prevention Program

Judith A. Cichowicz

ISBN: 978-0-471-18015-9

Apr 1997

445 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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A flexible and comprehensive framework for cost-effective pollution prevention

Environmental compliance and hazardous waste disposal have become a fact of life --and a huge financial liability --for companies in many different industries. This book provides crucial help for the bottom line, equipping you with the practical tools you need to identify, evaluate, and implement pollution prevention alternatives that control costs effectively. Complete with hands-on checklists, forms, and charts, this invaluable guide is essential reading for environmental managers, engineers, and other professionals.

Explains how to apply environmental management systems to pollution prevention issues
* Shows how to conduct a pollution prevention assessment and find the most cost-effective pollution prevention opportunities
* Explores the regulatory foundation for pollution prevention
* Covers performance measurement in key areas such as statistical process control and environmental cost accounting
* Examines cost control methods --from purchasing to payment of invoices and more.
Environmental Management Systems and Pollution Prevention.

Conducting a Pollution Prevention Assessment.

A Regulatory Foundation for Pollution Prevention Opportunities.

Measuring P? Performance and Change.

Implementing P? Purchasing Decisions.

A Pollution Prevention Catalog.

Achieving P? Implementation Excellence and Cost Savings.