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How to Develop Your Healthcare Career: A Guide to Employability and Professional Development

How to Develop Your Healthcare Career: A Guide to Employability and Professional Development

Lisa E. Taylor (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-91081-8

Jan 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

176 pages



  • An informative guide to all key aspects of employability for graduating students, educators, managers, and qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Written specifically for health professionals, focusing on their needs and the challenges they face, maximising employability potential, and managing career progression.
  • Packed full of potential interview questions, reflection opportunities, and case studies throughout
  • Includes chapter on Professionalism, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Leadership

Contributors, ix

Foreword, x

Preface, xii

Chapter 1 Lisa Taylor

What is employability and what does it mean for you?, 1

Introduction, 1

What does the literature say on employability and how it has evolved?, 2

Towards a common language of employability, 2

Models of employability, 3

Personal responsibility for employability, 6

External influences on employability, 6

Response to changing expectations within the workplace and personal circumstances, 7

How is employability approached within education?, 9

Maximising your own employability potential, 11

What do employers want from graduates?, 12

Healthcare employability, 14

Evidencing your employability, 16

Conclusions, 17

References, 19

Chapter 2 Adrienne Jolly

Career planning and management, 21

Introduction – Aims of this chapter, 21

What do we mean by ‘Career’?, 22

Factors that influence our career, 27

Making good career decisions, 31

Possible causes of career change, 34

In summary: What do we know? How can this help in considering future chapters?, 35

References, 36

Chapter 3 Rosemarie Mason

Professionalism, 37

What is a profession?, 37

Why is professional identity important?, 44

Learning professionalism, 46

Summary, 49

References, 50

Chapter 4 James Gazzard

Continuing professional development (CPD), 54

Introduction, 54

Objectives, 55

The terminology of CPD, 56

A definition of CPD, 56

Motivations to engage with CPD, 58

The precursors of effective CPD, 59

Types of CPD: What counts as CPD?, 60

Ensuring that different types of CPD are recorded, 63

Levels of CPD, credit]bearing or non]credit]bearing CPD, 64

Where to access CPD, 66

How to access CPD: Overcoming barriers, 67

Evaluating the effectiveness of CPD, 68

An outline practical approach to planning and undertaking a balanced CPD portfolio, 70

Conclusions, 71

References, 72

Further reading, 72

Chapter 5 Neil Sellen

Leadership, 73

Introduction, 73

What is leadership?, 73

Why is leadership important in health care?, 74

Leadership as a professional responsibility, 75

Why choose to be a leader?, 75

Leadership and management, 77

Leadership and culture, 78

What is your approach to leading?, 78

What do employers want in early and developing leaders?, 79

What are the component behaviours and personal qualities that influence leadership effectiveness?, 80

What sort of leader are you?, 81

Typical leadership development activities, 82

Employers’ expectations of early career healthcare professionals, 82

When will you feel like a leader?, 83

Tips and trips, 84

References, 85

Further reading, 85

Chapter 6 Jonathan Larner

Service improvement, 87

Background and context, 87

Where has service improvement come from?, 89

How does service improvement feature in healthcare education?, 92

Service improvement as an ‘employability skill’, 93

What level of service improvement experience will be expected?, 94

What specific skills can I demonstrate through service improvement experience?, 96

Service improvement and leadership skills, 99

Conclusions, 100

Case studies, 100

References, 107

Chapter 7 David Dowdeswell Allaway

Business skills, 109

Things, 110

People, 115

Time, 122

Money, 125

Summary, 128

References, 129

Chapter 8 Stephanie Allen

The job application process, 130

Getting behind the recruitment process, 130

Introducing the CV, 131

Other application processes, 136

The personal statement, 136

Preparing for the interview, 137

The interview itself, 138

What next?, 141

Reference, 142

Further reading, 142

Chapter 9 Consolidation of learning and moving forward, 143

Chapter 1 – What is employability and what does it mean for you?, 144

Chapter 2 – Career planning and management, 144

Chapter 3 – Professionalism, 146

Chapter 4 – Continuing professional development, 147

Chapter 5 – Leadership, 149

Chapter 6 – Service improvement, 149

Chapter 7 – Business skills, 150

Chapter 8 – The job application process, 151

Consolidation of learning and moving forward conclusions, 152

Reference, 152

Index, 153