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How to Form a Team: Five Keys to High Performance

How to Form a Team: Five Keys to High Performance

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Kim Kanaga, Michael E. Kossler

ISBN: 978-1-882-19768-2

Mar 2007, Pfeiffer

36 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Team success doesn’t start with results. It starts with the building of an effective team that can deliver on its promise. This book is for managers and leaders who have responsibility for the creation and success of teams. If you are a department head or project manager, or if you are the senior-level champion or sponsor of a proposed team, this guidebook will help you understand the five factors critical to building effective teams and show you how to use those factors to lay the groundwork for successful teams.
7 What Is a Team?

8 Forming an Effective Team

Set a Clear Direction

Build Organizational Support

Create an Empowering Team Structure

Identify Key Relationships

Monitor External Factors

27 Team Formation: A Special Event

27 Suggested Readings

28 Background

29 Key Point Summary