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How to Make Money Growing Trees

How to Make Money Growing Trees

James M. Vardaman

ISBN: 978-0-471-60919-3 February 1989 304 Pages


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Tree farm business management for small private landowners (those who own about 40 to 4,000 acres). This practical guide to making money in small-scale forestry is written by the major seller of open market timber in the South, who is also publisher of a quarterly newsletter which is the most widely read publication in the business. In this new edition of Tree Farm Business Management, forester Vardaman covers the basics of the business and discusses costs of management and operations, accounting procedures, tax and legal considerations, selling timber, and the role of the big timber companies. Includes case studies of successful timberland investors.
The Nature of the Business.

Available Forestry Services.

Sale of Timber.

Miscellaneous Income.


Management Costs.

Timberland Inventory.

The Financial Forecast.

Accounting and the Tax Laws.

The Lawyer.

Sale of Timberland.


The Big Timber Companies.

Guesses About the Future.

Case History of a Successful Timberland Investor: Charting aCourse.

Case History of a Successful Timberland Investor: Executing thePlan.

Long-Term Timberland Investment with Annual Cash Flows.