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How to Make and Set Nets: The Technology of Netting

How to Make and Set Nets: The Technology of Netting

J. Garner

ISBN: 978-0-852-38031-4

Jan 1991, Wiley-Blackwell

96 pages

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The fundamentals of making up nets from machine-made netting are set out with such clarity and simplicity that the book has proved a boon to fishermen around the world. Early chapters describe the principles of mesh size and the run of knots in machine netting, and are followed by detailed descriptions of net making machines and the principles of hanging netting. On actual fishing nets, descriptions are given of seine net patterns, various trawl nets, pound nets such as salmon nets with detailed drawings, surround nets of the lampara type and ring nets with their design, construction and methods of working. A useful dictionary of fishing gear and terminology explains 1,000 terms.
Mesh size;.

Net making machines;.

Loom planning;.

Shaping netting;.

Hanging netting;.

Seine net patterns;.


Pound nets;.

Surround nets;.


Dictionary of fishing gear and terminology.