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How to Manage Dementia in General Practice

How to Manage Dementia in General Practice

Nicholas Clarke, Farine Clarke, Denzil Edwards

ISBN: 978-1-118-35233-5 July 2013 BMJ Books 168 Pages



This practical guide clearly shows each stage in the management of a patient with dementia. It covers the complex issues surrounding dementia such as spouses and families, access to appropriate care, legal and ethical concerns, planning for the future and "living well" and includes the decision making process on initiating treatment and guidance on how best to access the available services.

About the authors, vii

GP’s Foreword by Dr Neil Arnott, ix

Neuroscience Foreword by Professor Paul Francis, xi

Acknowledgement, xiv

Introduction, 1

Chapter 1 Diagnosing dementia in general practice, 4

Chapter 2 Complex pictures of dementia, 25

Chapter 3 Initiating, monitoring and adjusting dementia treatments, 41

Chapter 4 Emergency management of dementia, 53

Chapter 5 Managing families, 72

Chapter 6 Using the multidisciplinary team, 86

Chapter 7 Capacity, consent and deprivation of liberty, 100

Chapter 8 Choosing a residential home, 115

Chapter 9 Research, developments and media coverage, 122

Chapter 10 GP questions answered, 133

Appendix Recommended further reading, 142

Index, 145