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How to Manage Your GP Practice

How to Manage Your GP Practice

Farine Clarke, Laurence Slavin

ISBN: 978-1-119-95954-0 October 2011 BMJ Books 160 Pages




The business side of running a medical practice may be unappealing but it's crucial
  • How to Manage Your GP Practice is written for GPs and other health professionals running their own practices.
  • It tells you in simple, engaging style what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.
  • It illustrates the good and bad ways of negotiating through management issues, using case examples and lightening the messages with witty cartoons.

Written by a GP with over 10 years' experience editing a leading GP magazine, and an accountant whose firm advises over 2500 GPs, the information here is sound, relevant and up to date. It provides reliable and reassuring information for doctors starting out in their careers as well as those looking to refresh their management skills.

Preface, vii

Chapter 1: The business as an organism, 1

Chapter 2: The challenge that is staff, 17

Chapter 3: Basic practice accounting, 37

Chapter 4: Budgeting, 73

Chapter 5: Choosing the right operational model for the practice, 81

Chapter 6: Business growth, 87

Chapter 7: Planning for the exit, 99

Chapter 8: Ten questions answered, 113

Chapter 9: Thou shalt . . . thou shalt not!, 125

Appendix 1: Useful contacts, 127

Appendix 2: Full set of practice accounts, 129

Index, 143

""Overall How to manage your GP practice is most useful to the established principal, but it may help to educate potential partners about some of the pitfalls of joining a partnership such as cash flow problems."" (GP - General Practitioner, 25 January 2012)