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How to Really Fool Yourself: Illusions for All Your Senses

How to Really Fool Yourself: Illusions for All Your Senses

Vicki Cobb

ISBN: 978-0-471-31592-6

Mar 1999, Jossey-Bass

128 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Fans of Vicki Cobb's unique blend of humor, science, and hands-on activities will have tons of fun with How to Really Fool Yourself. Kids won't be able to believe their eyes--not to mention their ears, noses, hands, and tongues! Packed with all-new illustrations and a delightful new design, this book features over 70 activities to fool all five senses. Each illusion is followed by a fascinating ""Why You're Fooled"" section that explains the science and history behind the ""magic.""
* Illusions of touch, taste, hearing, smell, and sight include: the Incredible Shrinking Sugar Cube, Flavorless Coffee, Movie-Style Sound Effects, Making Circles from Straight Lines, and many more
* The hardcover edition of How to Really Fool Yourself has sold 90,000 copies
* A Main Selection of the Primary Teachers' Book Club
A Sense of Reality.

Weird Feelings.

Strange Sounds and a Taste for the Mysterious.

Bizarre Shapes and Sizes.

Brightness Mad and Color Crazed.

Phantom Moves.

Mirages and Other Visual Oddities.

Great Misconceptions.

""Interesting, informative, and fun.""--School Library Journal

""Clear and lively . . . links the puzzles to scientific fact.""--ALA Booklist

""Simple and direct, suitably lighthearted. . . . This unpretentious account might just win over a couple of investigators of the future!""--Scientific American