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How to Select Winning Stocks

How to Select Winning Stocks

Paul Larson, Morningstar, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-471-71958-8 September 2005 264 Pages


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3 Easy Steps to Better Stock Investing

Lessons explain key stock investing concepts clearly and simply to help you learn quickly.

Quizzes reinforce and build on what you learn.

Worksheets let you put what you learn into practice immediately to improve your own investing.

Morningstar Investing Workbook Series helps you build skills progressively at your own pace. Look for these other titles in the Workbook Series:

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Morningstar has been helping investors make better investing decisions for more than 20 years with independent information and analysis. Morningstar people are passionate about helping you invest successfully.

Paul Larson is the editor of the Morningstar Investing Workbook Series: Stocks. He is also one of Morningstar's Equities Strategists and editor of Morningstar StockInvestor. As editor, Larson manages the publication's two market-beating portfolios: Tortoise for conservative and Hare for aggressive investors.
Finding Quality Companies.

Lesson 201: Economic Moats.

Lesson 202: More on Competitive Positioning.

Lesson 203: Weighing Management Quality.

Financial Statements Made Easy.

Lesson 204: The Income Statement.

Lesson 205: The Balance Sheet.

Lesson 206: The Statement of Cash Flows.

Lesson 207: Interpreting the Numbers.

Lesson 208: Quantifying Competitive Advantages.

Buying at Good Prices.

Lesson 209: Understanding Value.

Lesson 210: Using Ratios and Multiples.

Lesson 211: Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow.

Lesson 212: Putting DCF into Action.

Additional Morningstar Resources.

Recommended Readings.

Quiz Answer Key.

Worksheet Answer Key.

Investing Terms.

Formulas Reference.