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How to Speak So People Really Listen: The Straight-Talking Guide to Communicating with Influence and Impact



How to Speak So People Really Listen: The Straight-Talking Guide to Communicating with Influence and Impact

Paul McGee

ISBN: 978-0-857-08724-9 October 2016 Capstone 232 Pages


Learn how to inspire your audience with best-selling author Paul McGee!

13 things you'll discover when reading this book...

1. The big lesson Steve Jobs learnt when an advertising exec threw something at him... and how it will help how you communicate.

2. Seven ways to manage your nerves (surprisingly, you don’t want to eliminate them).

3. Why our obsession with body language is totally wrong, and what to focus on instead.

4. Why you must think about a beachball before you next speak. Believe me, it’s essential.

5. A question your audience is always thinking, and how to ensure you provide the answer.

6. The most common mistake experienced presenters make that nervous ones never do.

7. Why so many presentations cure insomnia, and how to make sure you’re serving an extra strong double espresso instead.

8. The number one thing most presenters forget to bring when they’re speaking to others.

9. Discover the most underprepared part of your presentation, and how to avoid making the same mistake.

10. What women’s magazines and TV soap operas have to teach us about audience engagement.

11. What I learnt from a guy with one of the most powerful memories on the planet, and how it can transform your communication.

12. Discover Tony Blair’s biggest fear when Prime Minister, and how you can tackle the same issue with confidence.

13. Why you don’t have to be funny to use humour in your presentation, and three easy ways to do it.      

Foreword by Andy Bounds ix

Introduction: Why this stuff really matters 1

Part 1: The Seven Great Sins of Speaking 17

Sin 1: A failure to make your message sticky or memorable 19

Sin 2: Drowning people in detail 27

Sin 3: A failure to consider or understand your audience’s needs 35

Sin 4: Focusing on features rather than selling benefits 41

Sin 5: Winging it 49

Sin 6: Showing slides that suck… the life out of your audience 55

Sin 7: Taking people on a pointless ramble 61

Part 2: Eight Great Ways to Speak so People Really Listen 67

Way 1: Get real 69

Way 2: Get your attitude into gear 77

Way 3: Start at the end 89

Way 4: Sort out your skeletons 95

Way 5: Grab ’em by the eyeballs 105

Way 6: Become an artist 121

Way 7: Learn lessons from JC, Jo, and the Greek guy 141

Way 8: Shine at question time 157

Part 3: I’m Glad You Asked That… 167

Question 1: Is it possible to get rid of my nerves before presenting? 169

Question 2: Is it ever appropriate to use humour in my presentation? 179

Question 3: How important is body language when communicating with others? 191

So what’s next for you? 201

So what did you think? 207

About Paul McGee 209

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