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How to Start Your Own 'S' Corporation, 2nd Edition



How to Start Your Own 'S' Corporation, 2nd Edition

Robert A. Cooke

ISBN: 978-0-471-20139-7 March 2004 256 Pages


Everything you need to know about forming an S corporation orlimited liability company

This new Second Edition of How to Start Your Own S Corporationprovides small business owners with the real facts about forming anS corporation. Newly updated, this one-of-a-kind guide tells youeverything you need to know on the subject, with step-by-stepguidance, savvy insider tips, and a wealth of hard-to-getinformation on S and every other type of corporation your businessmay qualify for.

This Second Edition updates the many changes in income tax lawsince the original publication, including the expansion of theallowed number of stockholders, the new rule that S corporationscan own subsidiary corporations, new rules for medical expensebenefits, and new IRS rules for LLC classification. The SecondEdition of How to Start Your Own S Corporation includes:

*Up-to-date information on recent changes in tax law affecting Scorporations, LLCs, and stockholder rules

*The latest updated IRS forms

*Clear explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of Scorporations, LLCs, partnerships, C corporations, and other legalforms of business

*Straightforward expert advice on choosing the business form that'sright for your goals and income level

*A detailed plan for setting up your corporation and findingaffordable professional assistance

*Dozens of eye-opening, real-life examples

*New information when tax law changes at

So, whether you are thinking about starting your own business oryou already own a small business, the Second Edition of How toStart Your Own S Corporation will give you all the insiderinformation you need to take full advantage of current tax law.
S Corporation--The Universal Cure--Maybe.

How Forms of Business Organization Are Taxed.

When to Be an S Corporation.

Procedures for Becoming and Continuing as an S Corporation.

More Nit-Picking Rules--Some Good/Some Bad.

An Alternative--The Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Appendix A: Tax Rate Schedules for 2000.

Appendix B: Limited Liability: How Limited Is It?

Appendix C: S Corporation Documents and Forms.

Appendix D: Limited Liability Company Documents and Forms.

Appendix E: Records to Be Kept and Information to Be Filed.