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How to Use a Consultant in Your Company: A Managers' and Executives' Guide



How to Use a Consultant in Your Company: A Managers' and Executives' Guide

John J. McGonagle, Carolyn M. Vella

ISBN: 978-0-471-20138-0 March 2002 288 Pages


Obtain the Best Consulting Services for Your Business

In this chaotic age of new technologies, downsizing, andreengineering, managers and executives are relying more and more onthe consultant. Hiring the right consultants for your company andmaking effective use of them is a vital skill, and yet there hasbeen a lack of guidance on this topic-until now.

How to Use a Consultant in Your Company delivers expert advice andpractical guidelines on how to successfully create and manage theclient/consultant relationship-to your advantage. John McGonagleand Carolyn Vella provide up-to-the-minute information on:
* Defining your consulting needs
* Finding and selecting the right consultants
* Managing the paper trail-corporate policies, contractingissues
* Working with an individual consultant or an entire firm
* Handling disputes, lawsuits, and complaints
* Evaluating consultants

Including forms and other materials for help in developing formalpolicies, billing procedures, and more that you can adapt to fityour own situation, How to Use a Consultant in Your Company is theone-book-fits-all solution for anyone responsible for getting themost out of their company's consultant.

Consulting: The Big Picture.

The Paper Trail: Corporate Policies.

The Paper Trail: Contracting Issues.

What Are Your Consulting Needs?

Budget and Financial Issues.

Finding and Selecting the Right Consultants.

Beginning the Consulting Relationship.

Keeping the Relationship Moving.

Winding Up the Relationship.

Disputes, Lawsuits, and Complaints.

Appendix A: Glossary.

Appendix B: Extracts from Sections 1 and 2, IRS PublicationNumber 15a, Employer's Supplemental Tax Guide (1999).