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How to Write a Great Research Paper

How to Write a Great Research Paper

Book Builders, Beverly Chin

ISBN: 978-0-471-70891-9 August 2004 Jossey-Bass 128 Pages




Research like a pro-and write a winning paper!

Do research papers make you nervous? Don't panic! This task isn't as overwhelming as it may seem--and conducting good research is an important skill to have. With How to Write a Great Research Paper, you'll see how easy and rewarding it can be to explore a topic and present your ideas in an organized and interesting way.

Filled with easy-to-follow instructions and valuable tips, this new guide breaks the entire process down into 7 Keys to Success:
* Find a Topic
* Look It Up
* Take Notes
* Outline Your Paper
* Create Your First Draft
* Revise and Edit Your Draft
* Present Your Paper

So take a deep breath, relax-and get ready to write a top-notch research paper!

1: Find a Topic.

2: Look It Up.

3: Take Notes.

4: Outline Your Paper.

5: Create Your First Draft.

6: Revise and Edit Your Draft.

7: Present Your Paper.

Appendix A: Scheduling Form.

Appendix B: Model Research Paper.

Appendix C: Self-Evaluation.