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Human Bond Communication: The Holy Grail of Holistic Communication and Immersive Experience



Human Bond Communication: The Holy Grail of Holistic Communication and Immersive Experience

Sudhir Dixit, Ramjee Prasad

ISBN: 978-1-119-34141-3 February 2017 272 Pages


This book approaches the topic area of the Internet of Things (IoT) from the perspective of the five types of human communication. Through this perspective on the human communication types, the book aims to specifically address how IoT technologies can support humans and their endeavors. The book explores the fields of sensors, wireless, physiology, biology, wearables, and the Internet. This book is organized with five sections, each covering a central theme;

Section 1: The basics of human bond communication

Section 2: Relevance IoT, BAN and PAN

Section 3: Applications of HBC

Section 4: Security, Privacy and Regulatory Challenges

Section 5: The Big Picture (Where do we go from here?)

List of Contributors ix

About the Editors xi

Preface xv

Abbreviations xvii

1 Introduction to Human Bond Communication 1
Sudhir Dixit and Ramjee Prasad

2 General Concepts Behind Human Bond Communication 11
Liljana Gavrilovska, Valentin Rakovic, and Sudhir Dixit

3 Advanced Reconfigurable 5G Architectures for Human Bond Communication 41
Enrico Del Re, Simone Morosi, Luca Simone Ronga, Lorenzo Mucchi, Sara Jayousi, and Federica Paganelli

4 Data Mining of the Human Being 59
Mauro De Sanctis and Pierpaolo Loreti

5 Human]Centric IoT Networks 71
Albena Mihovska, Ramjee Prasad, and Milica Pejanovic

6 Body as a Network Node: Key is the Oral Cavity 87
Marina Ruggieri and Gianpaolo Sannino

7 Human Bond Communication Using Cognitive Radio Approach for Efficient Spectrum Utilization 97
Sachin Sharma and Seshadri Mohan

8 Technology Advancement and Integration in the Context of Wildlife Conservation 115
Pradeep K. Mathur, Bilal Habib, and Prateek Mathur

9 An Investigation of Security and Privacy for Human Bond Communications 131
Geir M. Køien

10 The Internet of Everything and Beyond: The Interplay between Things and Humans 173
Helga E. Melcherts

11 Human Bond Communications in Health: Ethical and Legal Issues 187
Ernestina Cianca and Maurizia De Bellis

12 Human Bond Communication: A New and Unexplored Frontier for Intellectual Property and Information and Communication Technology Law 197
Edoardo Di Maggio and Domenico Siciliano

13 Predicting the Future of ICT: A Historical Perspective 209
Silvano Pupolin

14 Human Bond Communication Beyond 2050 227
Flemming Hynkemejer and Sudhir Dixit

Index 243