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Human Genetic Information: Science, Law and Ethics

Human Genetic Information: Science, Law and Ethics

Derek J. Chadwick (Editor), Gregory R. Bock (Editor), Julie Whelan (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51390-3 September 2007 222 Pages


As part of a continuing effort to tackle issues of major social concern, this 280th conference of internationally recognized experts from the fields of molecular biology, medicine, philosophy, theology, and the law looks into the scientific, legal, ethical, social, and economic issues confronting man and his ability to map and sequence the human genome. A wide variety of subjects are covered, including prenatal diagnosis, advances in the genetics of psychiatric disorders, the problems associated with polygenic disease, and the limits to genetic intervention in humans. The symposium also discusses genetic manipulation, commercial exploitation, and legal implications.
Partial table of contents:

The Human Genome: The Nature of the Enterprise (S. Brenner).

Prenatal Diagnosis: Current Approaches and Future Trends (J. Bell).

The Use of Genetic Markers for Personal Identification and the Analysis of Family Relationships (P. Debenham).

Recent Advances in the Genetics of Psychiatric Disorder (H. Gurling).

Limits to Genetic Intervention in Humans: Somatic and Germline (B. Davis).

Human Genetic Information: The Legal Implications (D. Brahams).

Commercial Exploitation of the Human Genome: What Are the Problems?

(N. Carey & P. Crawley).

Religious Aspects of Human Genetic Information (R. Kimura).

Who Might I Have Been?

(B. Williams).

Human Genome Analysis and the Concept of Human Nature (M. Charlesworth).

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