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Human Immunology: Patient-Based Research, Volume 1062



Human Immunology: Patient-Based Research, Volume 1062

Ralph M. Steinman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-573-31607-1 January 2006 Wiley-Blackwell 268 Pages

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Biomedical research on human subjects is notoriously difficult because of the difficulties in controlling the variables, locating a large enough sample size, and managing the ethical issues that have to be considered for every experiment. This volume contains contributions from scientists who have received grants from the Dana Foundation, and their work in the complex and diverse field of human immunology is notable for both its breadth and its depth.

Patient-based research in the areas of cancer, infectious disease, allergy, inflammation, and autoimmunity are summarized. It is through clinical studies that findings in animal models make their way into the arsenal of treatments available for human patients, and this volume demonstrates the progress of translational research in human immunology.

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Foreword: Ralph M. Steinman.

Part I: Cancer:.

1. B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a Clonal Disease of B Lymphocytes with Receptors that Vary in Specificity for (Auto)antigens: Nicholas Chiorazzi, Katerina Hatzi, and Emilia Albesiano.

2. Harnessing the Immune System Against Human Glioma: Kavita M. Dhodapkar, Devi Banerjee, and Ralph M. Steinman.

3. Immune Response to Premalignancy: Insights from Patients with Monoclonal Gammopathy: Madhav V. Dhodapkar.

4. Evaluation of Anticyclin B1 Serum Antibody as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker for Lung Cancer: Ann Marie Egloff, Joel Weissfeld, Stephanie R. Land, and Olivera J. Finn.

5. Manipulating the Local Tumor Microenvironment with Poxviruses Expressing Costimulatory Molecules: Howard L. Kaufman.

6. CD154 Gene Therapy for Human B-Cell Malignancies: Davorka Messmer and Thomas J. Kipps.

7. The Challenge of Analyzing the Proteome in Humans with Autoimmune Diseases: Steven M. Chan and Paul J. Utz.

Part II: Infection:.

8. The Immune Response to BCG Vaccination of Newborns: Willem A. Hanekom.

9. Regulation of Acquired Immunity by T-Cell/Dendritic-Cell Interactions: Niraj Shrestha, James A. Ida, A. Steven Lubinski, Maria Pallin, Gilla Kaplan, and Patrick A.J. Haslett.

10. TLR1 and TLR6 Polymorphisms Are Associated with Susceptibility to Invasive Aspergillosis after Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: Sandra Kesh, Nana Yaa Mensah, Paolo Peterlongo, Dana Jaffe, Katharine Hsu, Marcel Van Den Brink, Richard O'reilly, Eric Pamer, Jaya Satagopan, and G. A. Papanicolaou.

11. T-Cell Immunotherapy for Adenoviral Infections of Stem-Cell Transplant Recipients: A. M. Leen, G. D. Myers, C. M. Bollard, M. H. Huls, U. Sili, A. P. Gee, H. E. Heslop, and C. M. Rooney.

Part III: Autoimmunity:.

12. Human B Cell Tolerance and Its Failure in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Jonathan Samuels, Yen-Shing Ng, Claire Coupillaud, Daniel Paget, and Eric Meffre.

13. Autoantigens: The Critical Partner in Initiating and Propagating Systemic Autoimmunity: Wei D. Duan-Porter, Livia Casciola-Rosen, and Antony Rosen.

14. Evaluation of Topoisomerase-1-Specific CD8+ T-Cell Response in Systemic Sclerosis: Francesco Boin, Fredrick M. Wigley, Jonathan P. Schneck, Mathias Oelke, and Antony Rosen.

15. Analysis of Significance Patterns Identifies Ubiquitous and Disease-Specific Gene-Expression Signatures in Patient Peripheral Blood Leukocytes: Damien Chaussabel, Windy Allman, Asuncion Mejias, Wendy Chung, Lynda Bennett, Octavio Ramilo, Virginia Pascual, A. Karolina Palucka, and Jacques Banchereau.

16. Appreciating the Heterogeneity in Autoimmune Disease: Multiparameter Assessment of Intracellular Signaling Mechanisms: Omar D. Perez.

17. B-Cell Tolerance Checkpoints in Healthy Humans and Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Sergey Yurasov, Johanna Hammersen, Thomas Tiller, Makoto Tsuiji, and Hedda Wardemann.

18. Potential Contribution of VH Gene Replacement in Immunity and Disease: Yanwen Liu, Run Fan, Song Zhou, Zhihong Yu, and Zhixin Zhang.

Part IV: Allergy and Inflammation:.

19. Costimulatory Pathways in Rheumatoid Synovitis and T-Cell Senescence: Jörg J. Goronzy, Gabriella Henel, Hirokazu Sawai, Karnail Singh, Eun Bong Lee, Sergey Pryshchep, and Cornelia M. Weyand.

20. Vascular Dendritic Cells in Giant Cell Arteritis: Cornelia M. Weyand, Wei Ma-Krupa, Olga Pryshchep, Stefan Gröschel, Roberto Bernardino, and Jörg J. Goronzy.

21. Immunologic Role of the Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway and the Nicotinic Acetylcholine 7 Receptor: Margot Gallowitsch-Puerta and Kevin J. Tracey.

22. Pathogenic T-Cell Recruitment into the Airway in Human Disease: Benjamin D. Medoff, Seddon Y. Thomas, Aleena Banerji, John C. Wain, Hui Zhang, Craig M. Lilly, Leo C. Ginns, and Andrew D. Luster.

23. Toll-Like Receptor Activation in the Pathogenesis of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Terry K. Means and Andrew D. Luster.

Index of Contributors