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Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental

Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental

Edited By:Professor David Baldwin, Southampton, UK

Online ISSN: 1099-1077 Impact Factor: 2.265



Human Psychopharmacology: Clinical and Experimental provides a forum for the evaluation of clinical and experimental research on both new and established psychotropic medicines. Experimental studies of other centrally active drugs, including herbal products, in clinical, social and psychological contexts, as well as clinical/scientific papers on drugs of abuse and drug dependency will also be considered. While the primary purpose of the Journal is to publish the results of clinical research, the results of animal studies relevant to human psychopharmacology are welcome. The following topics are of special interest to the editors and readers of the Journal:

  • All aspects of clinical psychopharmacology

  • Efficacy and safety studies of novel and standard psychotropic drugs

  • Studies of the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs

  • Effects of psychotropic drugs on normal physiological processes

  • Geriatric and paediatric psychopharmacology

  • Ethical and psychosocial aspects of drug use and misuse

  • Psychopharmacological aspects of sleep and chronobiology

  • Neuroimaging and psychoactive drugs

  • Phytopharmacology and psychoactive substances

  • Drug treatment of neurological disorders

  • Mechanisms of action of psychotropic drugs

  • Ethnopsychopharmacology

  • Pharmacogenetic aspects of mental illness and drug response

  • Psychometrics: psychopharmacological methods and experimental design

Human Psychopharmacology comprises Original Articles, Short Communications (not exceeding 1500 words) and Reviews. Editorials are by invitation, but suggestions are welcome.

Editorial Policy

The Editorial policy is to publish contributions on all aspects of psychopharmacology relevant to human experimental research and clinical medicine. Human Psychopharmacology is a multi-disciplinary journal that covers all aspects from clinical and social issues to experimental laboratory based studies that are of relevance to clinical psychopharmacology. All articles are strictly refereed and only those meeting acceptable ethical standards governing experimentation on humans will be considered for publication. The Editors are particularly pleased to consider publishing the proceedings of symposia as supplements to the journal, providing they meet the strict editorial criteria. It is the intention of the Editors to publish contributions within three to six months from the date of final acceptance.