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Humanities Alive Geography 2 2E Student Text & eBookPLUS + Student Workbook (Value Pack)

Humanities Alive Geography 2 2E Student Text & eBookPLUS + Student Workbook (Value Pack)


ISBN: 978-1-742-46303-2


368 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Humanities Alive Geography 2 Second Edition is the second of a two-book series specifically written for the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) - Level 6. This new edition of the highly successful series retains all the visual appeal and key elements of the previous edition but includes many exciting new features.
• A double-page chapter opener, centred on an Essential Question, that relates to students' experiences
• Greater focus on skills development, with a double-page SkillBuilder in each chapter that provides a step-by-step approach to learning a skill
• ‘Thinking back' spreads that address the Thinking, Interpersonal Development and Personal Learning domains, encouraging students to reflect on their learning
• A dedicated ICT activities spread for each chapter that highlights all the ICT resources in eBookPLUS
• Clearer design and layout
• Key terms defined on each spread
• Completely revised and updated content, with many new maps, diagrams and photos

Humanities Alive Geography 2 Second Edition Student Workbook supports the Humanities Alive Geography 2 Second Edition student textbook. The workbook is designed to deepen and enhance students' understanding of the rich content found in the textbook.

Key features
• All worksheets may be used for classwork, homework or revision to reinforce students' study of specific spreads in the student text
• Skills worksheets encourage students to practise and refine key Geographyskills
• Thinking tools worksheets explore a range of helpful thinking tools
• Vocabulary worksheets help students develop subject-specific language andterminology
• Visual learning worksheets help foster visual literacy
• Summing up worksheets allow students to check their understanding of key content and concepts
• Looking back worksheets provide a structured way for students to reflect on the progress of their learning

What is eBookPLUS?

Humanities Alive Geography 2, Second Edition eBookPLUS
is an electronic version of the textbook and a complementary set of targeted digital resources. These flexible and engaging ICT activities are available online at the JacarandaPLUS website (

The eBookPLUS includes:
ProjectsPLUS, unique ICT-based projects that use an innovative research management system featuring media, templates and video introductions
• Video eLessons to bring key concepts to life
• Interactivities and games to enhance student understanding through hands-on experience
• Weblinks to useful support material on the internet

  1. Coastal Systems
  2. Water
  3. Tourism - the Last Resort
  4. Pollution
  5. Urban Development
  6. Helping the Developing World
  7. Threatened Environments
  8. Climate Change

With the addition of:
• Worksheets