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Humanizing Data: How to Improve and Inspire the World with Information

Humanizing Data: How to Improve and Inspire the World with Information

RJ Andrews

ISBN: 978-1-119-48390-8

Dec 2018

320 pages


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Whereas most data visualization books focus on graphs and charts, Info We Trust transcends this, with advanced modes of visualizing data. Author RJ Andrews has won awards, visualizing data in the form of cartoons, videos, and other forms of multimedia. Examples of RJ's work include and Current data visualization books are largely primers, focusing on effective but simple methods, whereas Info We Trust is for professionals who want to take their data visualizations to the next level: truly unique and entertaining displays. RJ reveals an emotional, human side to data along the way: By cleverly weaving your data into a video or cartoon, you enable your audience to learn seamlessly from it, while also entertaining and inspiring them. RJ will start by placing data viz in a mythological context of a daring hero carving order out of chaos, to engage the reader right away. He will then delve into decrypting and reframing the fundamentals of data and what he calls ""intersectional creativity"" - learning lessons from other creative arts, such as painting, photography, and film, about what excites and enraptures an audience. This book is, essentially, Data Viz 2.0, for those interested in advanced, artistic methods of conveying data.


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