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Hydraulic Fracture Mechanics

Hydraulic Fracture Mechanics

Peter Valkó, Michael J. Economides

ISBN: 978-0-471-95664-8

Jan 1996

318 pages

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The book explores the theoretical background of one of the most widespread activities in hydrocarbon wells, that of hydraulic fracturing. A comprehensive treatment of the basic phenomena includes: linear elasticity, stresses, fracture geometry and rheology. The diverse concepts of mechanics are integrated into a coherent description of hydraulic fracture propagation. The chapters in the book are cross-referenced throughout and the connections between the various phenomena are emphasized. The book offers readers a unique approach to the subject with the use of many numerical examples.
Hydraulically Induced Fractures in the Petroleum and Related Industries.

Linear Elasticity, Fracture Shapes and Induced Stresses.

Stresses in Formations.

Fracture Geometry.

Rheology and Laminar Flow.

Non-Laminar Flow and Solids Transport.

Advanced Topics of Rheology and Fluid Mechanics.

Material Balance.

Coupling of Elasticity, Flow and Material Balance.

Fracture Propagation.

Fracture Height Growth (3D and P-3D Geometries).