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Hydrogen-Transfer Reactions, 4 Volume Set


This multivolume work is the only comprehensive, up-to-date reference work on the theory, occurrence and application of hydrogen transfer processes. Adopting an integrated approach, this handy reference includes essential information on the theoretical basis, the fundamental types, and the latest techniques used to reveal, monitor, as well as measure hydrogen transfer reactions. Renowned experts from a number of disciplines provide a thorough overview on all aspects of hydrogen transfer in natural and artificial systems, thus aiding readers in their own research. Numerous tables and illustrations facilitate fast and easy access to the desired information, making this an indispensable source of knowledge for every research group working in the field.
Prototropic rearrangements
Hydrogen transfer in the gas phase
Hydrogen transfer in liquids and solids
Hydrogen isotope effects and transition-state structure
Quantum theoretical treatments of hydrogen transfer
Principles of hydrogen transfer in solution
Multiple isotope effects as diagnostic tools of mechanism
NMR Methods in the study of hydrogen transfer
Hydrogen transfer in ice
Hydrogen bonding and hydrogen transfer
Hydrogen transfer in designed catalysts
Hydrogen-atom transfer in solution

Proton transfer in solution reactions
Theory of proton transfer in enzymic and model reactions
Model reactions for enzymic hydride transfer
Proton transfer in enzymic acid-base catalysis
Proton conduction in enzyme action
Hydrogen bonding and enzyme catalysis
Prototropic rearrangements in enzymic systems
Proton transfer in thiamin activation and other enzymic C-H fissions
Proton transfer and protein folding
Quantum tunneling in enzymic hydrogen transfer
Hydrogen-atom transfer in enzymic systems
Hydrogen transfer and protein stability
"…indispensable for researchers…, as might be expected from the names of the editors." (Angewandte Chemie International Edition, February 2008)

"…a comprehensive…up-to-date reference…written by a host of highly respected experts in the field." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, July 18, 2007)