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Hydrogeological Regimes and Their Subsurface Thermal Effects

Hydrogeological Regimes and Their Subsurface Thermal Effects

Alan E. Beck (Editor), Grant Garven (Editor), Lajos Stegena (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66650-0

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

158 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 47.

There are a number of reasons for organizing a symposium. One is to bring specialists together to discuss a specific problem in which they all have expertise and encourage the participants to talk openly about their current work which, in all likelihood, is not going to be in publishable form for some time. Another reason might be that a problem has been identified by one group of experts which needs the input from a previously loosely allied group before real progress can be made. The International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Symposium U.S. "Hydrogeological Regimes and Their Subsurface Thermal Effects" organised for the August 1987 General Assembly in Vancouver, was a symposium of the latter type.

Preface ix

1. Numerical Simulation Techniques for Modeling A dvectively-Disturbed Thermal Regimes
Leslie Smith, Craig F orster, and Allan Woodbury 1

2. A Solution to the Iverse Problem of Coupled Hydrological and Thermal Regimes
Kelin Wang, Po-Yu Shen and Alan E. Beck 7

3. Use of Dimensional Analysis in the Study of Thermal Effects of Various Hydrogeological Regimes
Garth vander Kamp and Stefan Bachu 23

4. Temperatures, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Mechanisms in the Uinta Basin
Sean D. Willett and David S. Chapman 29

5. Hydrologic Constraints on the Thermal Evolution of the Rhine Graben
Mark Person and Grant Garven 35

6. Conductive and Convective Heat Flow Components in the Rheingraben and Implications
for the Deep Permeability Distribution
Christop Chlauser 59

7. Numerical Thermohydraulic M odeling of Deep Groundwater Circulation in Crystalline
Basement: An Example of Calibration
Jean-Claud Geriesser and Ladislaus Rybach 65

8. Heat Flow in a Sedimentary Basin i n Czechoslovakia: Evaluation of Data with Special
Attention to Hydrogeology
Vladimir Cernack 75

9. Thermal Effect of Hydrogeology in Closed Basins
Lajos Stegena 81

10. Groundwater Flow and Geotemperature Pattern
]i-yang Wang and Liang-ping Xiong 87

11. The Controversy Over the Significance of the Hydrodynamic Effect on Heat Flow in the
Prairies Basin
]. A. Majorowicz 101

12. Simulation of the Hydrothermal System at Hirayu Hot Springs, Japan
Kozo Yuhara ,Yasuhiro Fujimitsu and Takash Oikabe 107

13. Effects of Permeability Anisotropy and Throw on the Transmissivity in the Vicinity of a Fault
D. Bernard, M. Danis and M. Quintard 119

14. Fluid Flow in Crystalline Crust: Detecting Fractures by Temperature Logs
Malcolm J. Drury 129

15. Terrestrial Heat Flow Variations in the Northeastern Part of the State of Sao Paulo: A Case
for Transport of Geothermal Heat by Interfracture Fluid FLows
A. C. del Rey and V. M. Hamza 137

16. Subsurface Conductive and Hydrogeological Related Thermal Effects in the Area of the
Crustal Electrical Conductors of the Williston Basin
J. A. Majorowicz, F. W. Jones and M. E. Ertman 149

17. Mapping Thermally Driven Upfiows by the Self-Potential Method
T. Ishido, T. Kikuchi and M . Sugihara 151