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Hydrological Applications of GIS

Hydrological Applications of GIS

A. M. Gurnell (Editor), D. R. Montgomery (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-89876-4

Jun 2000

184 pages

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This book deals with the technical problems encountered in hydrological applications of GIS, at scales ranging from the catchment to short river reaches and on a wide range of hydrological processes in both pure and applied contexts.
Introduction: Hydrological Application of GIS;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 821-824

A. Gurnell and D. Montgomery

1 Putting water in its place: a perspective on GIS in hydrology and water management;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 823-834

M. J. Clark

2 Data and databases for decision support;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 835-842

A. M. Roberts and R. V. Moore

3 The treatment of flat areas and depressions in automated drainage analysis of raster digital elevation models;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 843-856

L. W. Martz and J. Garbrecht

4 A phenomenon-based approach to upslope contributing area and depressions in DEMs;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6), p. 857-872

W. Rieger

5 Large scale distributed modelling and the utility of detailed ground data HYP. Vol. 12 (6): p. 873-888

F. G. R. Watson, R. B. Grayson, R. A. Vertessy and T. A. McMahon

6 Application of a GIS-based distributed hydrology model for prediction of forest harvest effects on peak streamflow in the Pacific Northwest;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 889-904

P. Storck, L. Bowling, P. Wetherbee and D. Lettenmaier

7 Modelling runoff and sediment transport in catchments using GIS;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 905-922

A. P. J. de Roo

8 Deciphering large landslides: linking hydrologic, groundwater, and slope-stability models through GIS;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 924-942

D. J. Miller and J. Sias

9 Regional test of a model for shallow landsliding;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6);

D. R. Montgomery, K. Sullivan and H. Greenberg

10 Regional-scale assessment of non-point source groundwater contamination;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6), p. 957-966

K. Loague and D. L. Corwin

11 Synoptic views of sediment plumes and coastal geography of the Santa Barbara Channel, California;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 967-980

L. A. K. Mertes, M. Hickman, B. Waltenberger, A. L. Bortman, E. Inlander, C. McKenzie and J. Dvorsky

12 Morphological and ecological change on a meander bend: the role of hydrological processes and the application of GIS;
HYP, Vol. 12 (6); p. 981-993

A. M. Gurnell, M. Bickerton, P. G. Angold, D. Bell, I. Morrissey, G. E. Petts and J. Sadler

"This book will serve as a benchmark registering process in knowledge of hydrological applications of GIS." (Hydrological Processes, 15 December 2001)

"...a timely book which can be read with benefit..." (The Geographical Journal, March 2002)