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Hydrological Processes

Hydrological Processes

Edited By:Professor Doerthe Tetzlaff

Online ISSN: 1099-1085 Impact Factor: 3.014


Aims and Scope

Hydrological Processes is an international journal devoted to the publication of original scientific and technical papers in hydrology. The aim and focus of these communications is to enhance our understanding of hydrological processes. The scope of the journal encompasses the physical, biogeochemical and mathematical aspects of hydrological processes, together with research on instrumentation and techniques. The Editors strongly encourage authors to ensure that papers submitted to the journal take appropriate account of uncertainty in both data and model results. The journal also publishes several special issues annually, which relate to themes emergent from conferences and hydrological science societies and key research topics identified by the Editorial Board.

Article Types

HP Research Articles should be original and novel contributions that advance our understanding of hydrological processes by presenting new concepts, theories or results.

HPToday is devoted to research and sources of information which are considered to be deserving of rapid dissemination to hydrologists. As such, it should be seen as a forum for rapid scientific communication and as a vehicle for up-to-date dialogues in hydrological sciences.

All articles must be accompanied by a short author statement detailing the novelty and international significance of the paper to the understanding of hydrological processes.