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Hydrology in a Changing Environment, Volume II

Hydrology in a Changing Environment, Volume II

Howard Wheater (Editor), Celia Kirby (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98685-0

Sep 1998

624 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Partial table of contents:


Groundwater at Risk -
A Reflection (K. Rushton).

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in a Carbonate Aquifer (M. Sauter & R. Liedl).

The Future Sustainability of Groundwater Resources in East Yorkshire: Past and Present Perspectives (T. Elliot, et al.).

Groundwater Vulnerability to Pesticide Leaching and Prioritising Monitoring Sites in North-West Bangladesh (M. Bari & A. Anwar).

Protection of Groundwater in the UK: Taking a Risk-Based Approach (R. Harris).

Hydrogeological Survey of Apulian Groundwater: Salinisation, Pollution and Over-Abstraction (V. Cotecchia & M. Polemio).

Depression of Groundwater Levels in the Zagreb Area (M. Berakovic).

Groundwater, Soils, and Development in the Oases of the Manga Grasslands, Northeast Nigeria (R. Carter & A. Alhassan).

Long-Term Sustainability of Groundwater Abstraction in North Northumberland (P. Younger).

Groundwater Legislation: In Theory and Practice (P. Howsam).

Identifying, Monitoring and Managing Over-Exploited Aquifers (K. Rushton).


Stochastic Multisite Time Series Models of Ephemeral Streamflow: Applications to Wadi Hydrology and Spate Irrigation (I. Papanikos, et al.).

Assessment of Transmission Losses and Aquifer Replenishment from Runoff Events in an Arid Catchment (I. Shentsis, et al.).

The State of Streamflow and Salinity of the Clearing Control Catchments in Western Australia (M. Bari).

Low Flow Characteristics and Assessment of Domestic Water Abstraction Permits in Malawi (D. Mhango & D. Joy).

Estimation of Daily Low-Flow Characteristics in South Africa (V. Smakhtin).

Traditional Irrigation Strategies and Their Implication for Sustainable Livelihoods in Semi-Arid Areas (A. Jones, et al.).

Risk Assessment in Irrigated Agriculture: A New Method of Calculating Water Availability Applied to Southern Madagascar (A. Wesselink & L. Ferry).

JOURNEX: Remote Sensing to Quantify Long-Term Vegetation Change and Hydrological Fluxes in an Arid Rangeland Environment (A. Rango, et al.).

Hydrology in a Varying as Well as a Changing Environment (M. Mulligan).