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Hydrology in a Changing Environment, Volume III

Hydrology in a Changing Environment, Volume III

Howard Wheater (Editor), Celia Kirby (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98686-7

Oct 1998

474 pages

Select type: Hardcover


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Partial table of contents:


Environmental Hazards: Hydrological Issues and Perspectives (V. Singh).

Hydrological Applications of Extreme Value Analysis (P. Willems).

A Contribution to the Regionalisation Study of Extreme Annual Rainfall Over the French Alps: Application of the Two-Component Extreme Value Model (B. Versiani, et al.).

A Rainfall-Runoff Simulation Model for South Galway, Ireland (M. Lees, et al.).

Protection Objectives in Flood Risk Prevention (N. Gendreau).

Design with Uncertain Design Values (D. Rosbjerg & H. Madsen).

On the Prediction of Droughts (M. Anderson, et al.).

Temporal Rainfall Characteristics and Their Implications for Landslides in Hong Kong (M. Peart & A. Jayawardena).

Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources in Northern Greece (M. Mimikou, et al.).

Problems in Integrated River Basin Management (N. Harmancioglu & O. Fistikoglu).


Frequency and Time Distribution of Rainfall in Heavy Storms Over the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, Brazil (M. Guimar?es-Pinheiro & M. Naghettini).

Stochastic Modelling of Spatial Rain Cells (P. Willems & J. Berlamont).

A Hydroinformatic Workbench for Evaluation of Real-Time Storm Sewer System Control Tools (V. Kutija & P. O'Connell).

The Use of Airborne Videography for Simulating Urban Drainage Runoff (B. Blagojevic, et al.).

Protecting the Urban Water Environment in the Pearl River Delta, South East China (J. Ellis, et al.).