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Hypnosis in Europe

Peter J. Hawkins, Michael Heap

ISBN: 978-1-897-63568-1 June 1998 234 Pages


The last 40 years have witnessed an upsurge of interest and activity in the field of hypnosis amongst academic and applied psychologists, medical practitioners from a wide range of specialities, dentists and many other health service professionals, as well as the public at large.
Preface - Peter Hawkins and Michael Heap.

Introduction - Irving Kirsch.

Chapter 1 Hypnois in Austria - Hans Kanitschar, Marianne Martin and Henriette Walter.

Chapter 2 Hypnosis in Britain and Ireland - Michael Heap.

Chapter 3 Hypnosis in the Czech Republic and former Czechoslovakia - Mojmir Svoboda and Juraj Barnaric.

Chapter 4 Hypnosis in Denmark - Jens-Jorgen Gravesen.

Chapter 5 Hypnosis in France -Jeannot Hoareau.

Chapter 6 Hypnosis in Germany - Burkhard Peter.

Chapter 7 Hypnosis in Greece - J.N. Nestoros, V. Patakou-Parassiri, G. Sfakianakis and V.G.S. Vasdekis.

Chapter 8 Hypnosis in Israel - Moris Kleinhauz and Viorica Delano.

Chapter 9 Hypnosis in Italy - Camillo Loriedo and Gugielmo Gulotta.

Chapter 10 Hypnosis in The Netherlands and Belgium - Onno Van Der Hart, Johan Vanderlinden, Philip Spinhoven and Eric Vermetten.

Chapter 11 Hynosis in Norway - Geir Hostmark Nielsen and Bjorn Wormnes.

Chapter 12 Hypnosis in Poland - Jerzy Siuta and Agnieszka Niedzwienska.

Chapter 13 Hypnosis in Slovenia - Marjan Pajntar.

Chapter 14 Hypnosis in Spain and Porugal - Teresa da Silva, Antonio Capaforns and Peter Hawkins.

Chapter 15 Hypnosis in Sweden - Claus Garmer.

Chapter 16 Hypnosis in Switzerland - Konrad Wolff.