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I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook

I Buy Houses: The Property Investor's Handbook

Paul Do

ISBN: 978-1-118-30266-8

Dec 2011, Wrightbooks

180 pages



Are you sick of attending open inspections every weekend in a fruitless search for the right property? Do you want to know more about the property-investing market and how it can make you money? 

I Buy Houses is a comprehensive handbook that will have you buying, managing and selling property like an expert. Paul Do explains how to build a property portfolio using research, rather than legwork, allowing you to invest in the best properties in the most effective way. His tried-and-tested SYSTEM TTM framework is perfect for beginning and experienced investors alike.

In this insightful book you will discover:

  • how to determine the right time to buy
  • why buying a property every year is the wrong thing to do
  • why some people are better off renting than buying
  • why selling should be a last resort
  • why other property investing strategies are no longer effective.


Part I: Real estate basics.

1.Advantages and disadvantages of real estate.

2. Characteristics of the real estate market.

Part II: System T.

3. Security.

4. Yield.

5. Spread.

6. Time.

7. Equity.

8. Magnification.

9. Tax.

10. Bringing it together.

Part III: The buying process.

11. Pre-approval.

12. Research.

13. Inspection.

14. Valuation.

15. Getting to yes.

16. Closing the deal.

Part IV: Managing your properties.

17. Property management.

18. Renovations.

19. Property development.

20. Selling.

Part V: Making money in real estate.

21. Common real estate investing strategies.

22. How I make money in real estate.

23. The development of a property investor.

Appendix: Comprehensive buying example.