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IBS Relief: A Complete Approach to Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 2nd Edition



IBS Relief: A Complete Approach to Managing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, 2nd Edition

Dawn Burstall, T. Michael Vallis, Geoffrey K. Turnbull

ISBN: 978-0-471-77547-8 July 2006 224 Pages


Take control of IBS so

IBS doesn't take control of your life

IBS Relief, Second Edition is an extensively updated, hands-on guide to help you manage your symptoms and limit the frequency, intensity, and duration of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) episodes. Written by a doctor, a dietitian, and a psychologist, this guide gives you a multidisciplinary approach encompassing every proven strategy for managing IBS, including new drug therapies and stress management techniques.

This book won't confuse you with medical terminology--IBS is confounding enough. Instead, the book contains questionnaires, lists, diaries, stress and food tolerance tests, and other tools to help you determine the pattern of your symptoms, identify triggers, and take appropriate action. You'll learn how to manage your problem based on your specific symptoms. Approaches include:
* A three-step process for managing irritable bowel through healthy eating
* Recommended diet adjustments for the six most common IBS symptoms
* Three stress-management strategies, including specific techniques for calming the body, calming the mind, and confronting stress
* Three steps to controlling pain

This book gives you the tools, the techniques, and the information you need to make specific lifestyle and diet changes that can bring real relief.


1. What Is IBS?

2. How Do I Know I Have Irritable Bowel?

3. How the Gut Works, and Sometimes Doesnâ??t.

4. What Causes Irritable Bowel?

5. Want Relief? Start with Healthy Eating.

6. Foods and Habits That Irritate.

7. Healthy Eating Adjustments for Specific Symptoms.

8. What Is Stress, and Does It Affect Irritable Bowel?

9. Stress Management.

10. What Do I Do about the Pain?

11. Are You Ready? Making Change Happen.

12. Irritable Bowel Is Not My Only Worry.

13. Working with Your Doctor.

14. Living with Irritable Bowel.

Appendix: High-Fiber, Low-Fat Recipes.