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IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Living Online Study Guide



IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Living Online Study Guide

Ciprian Rusen

ISBN: 978-1-118-99175-6 April 2015 192 Pages

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Use the Internet safely and ethically in preparation for the IC3 exam

IC3: Internet and Computing Core Certification Living Online Study Guide is your ideal study guide to focus on the Living Online exam module in preparation for the IC3 exam. This book covers working in a networked environment, using the Internet, electronic collaboration, and the safety issues surrounding online communication, presented in a clear, concise style. Hands-on examples and self-paced exercises show readers how to perform critical tasks needed to pass the exam, and the companion website offers study tools including the Sybex test engine, a pre-assessment test, practice questions, and videos. You will also have access to over one hundred electronic flashcards, and the chapter files needed to complete the exercises in the book.

The Internet and Computing Core Certification exam measures a candidate on key and fundamental computing skills, ensuring their ability to get the most value and impact from computer technology. This guide focuses on the Living Online module of the IC3, testing your skills and solidifying your understanding in preparation for the exam.

  • Review the basics of electronic communication and collaboration
  • Master internet navigation and the networked environment
  • Understand computing and the Internet's impact on society at large
  • Brush up on the safety, ethical, and responsibility issues of Internet use

When you are serious about certification, IC3 provides the practice that inspires self-confidence.

Introduction xiii

Assessment Test xxiii

Chapter 1 Using the Internet 1

Understanding the Terminology about the Internet and the WWW 2

Understanding the World Wide Web 4

Standard Domain Names 4

Special Domain Names 5

Understanding Hyperlinks 5

Browsing the Web with a Web Browser 6

Using Multiple Tabs While Browsing the Web 11

Downloading and Uploading Files on the Web 13

Setting a Homepage in Your Web Browser 14

Using and Clearing Your Browsing History 17

Using Favorites or Bookmarks in Your Web Browser 22

Searching for Text in a Web Page from Your Web Browser 27

Using Plug‐ins, Add‐ons, and Extensions in Your Web Browser 29

Summary 30

Exam Essentials 30

Key Terms 31

Review Questions 32

Chapter 2 Understanding Networking and Its Most Important Concepts 35

Understanding Networks: LAN vs. WAN 36

Understanding Network Addressing 39

IP Addresses 39

The Domain Name Service 40

Private IPv4 Address Ranges 42

Using and Securing Wireless Networks 43

Changing How You Authenticate to Wireless Access Points 44

Setting the Encryption for Your Wireless Network 45

Security Networks with Firewalls and Gateways 46

Using a Firewall 47

Understanding the Gateway Concept 49

Measuring the Speed of Your Internet Connection 49

Factors Limiting the Speed of Your Internet Connection 51

Wireless Networking Standards and Speeds 52

Understanding the Different Types of Internet Connections 53

Dial‐up Internet Access 54

Broadband Internet Access 55

Virtual Private Networks 56

Principles for Troubleshooting Networking Problems 58

Troubleshooting Network Problems with the Help of Windows Troubleshooting Tools 59

Troubleshooting Network Problems from the Command Prompt 65

Ping 65

Tracert 67

Ipconfig 67

Summary 69

Exam Essentials 69

Key Terms 70

Review Questions 71

Chapter 3 Communicating Online with Others 73

Creating and Securing Email Accounts 74

Sending Email Messages 76

Attaching Files to Email Massages 78

Building a Contacts List 79

Replying to and Forwarding Email Messages 82

Automating Your Email Account 84

Organizing and Archiving Your Inbox 85

Communicating through Text Messages 87

Communicating through Multimedia 90

Using Social Media and Social Networks 92

Social Networks 92

Blogs 96

Increasing the Privacy of Your Social Networking Activity 96

Summary 99

Exam Essentials 99

Key Terms 100

Review Questions 101

Chapter 4 Being a Responsible Digital Citizen 103

Personal vs. Professional Communication 104

Verbal vs. Written Communication 106

Inappropriate Ways of Communicating Online 106

Censorship and Filters in the Digital World 108

Intellectual Property, Copyright, Licensing, and Piracy 110

Avoiding Piracy 111

Creative Commons: A Less Restrictive Form of Licensing 112

Summary 113

Exam Essentials 113

Key Terms 114

Review Questions 115

Chapter 5 Maintaining Your Health and Safety While Using Computers 117

Protecting Your Identity and Your Data 118

Removing Data from Your Computer 120

Keeping Your Computer Safe from Threats and Malware 124

The Ergonomics of Using the Computer in a Healthy Way 125

Common Problems That Are Generated by Incorrect Computer Use and Posture 127

Summary 128

Exam Essentials 128

Key Terms 128

Review Questions 129

Chapter 6 Searching the World Wide Web 131

Using Search Engines to Find Information Online 132

Performing Advanced Searches Using Symbols and Search Operators 136

Searching for Files Online 137

Dealing with Online Advertisements 140

Finding Valuable Information on Internet Forums and Knowledge Bases 141

Evaluating the Information That You Find on the Web 143

Summary 144

Exam Essentials 144

Key Terms 145

Review Questions 146

Appendix A Answers to Review Questions 149

Appendix B Using the Practice Files 155

Index 157