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Edited By:William Miller

Vol 20(4 Issues in 2017 ) Print ISSN: 2156485X Online ISSN: 2156-4868


INSIGHT is the magazine of the International Council on Systems Engineering. It is published four times per year and features informative articles dedicated to advancing the state of practice in systems engineering and to close the gap with the state of the art. INSIGHT delivers practical information on current hot topics, implementations, and best practices, written in applications-driven style. There is an emphasis on practical applications, tutorials, guides, and case studies that result in successful outcomes. Explicitly identified opinion pieces, book reviews, and technology roadmapping complement articles to stimulate advancing the state of practice. INSIGHT is dedicated to advancing the INCOSE objectives of impactful products and accelerating the transformation of systems engineering to a model-based discipline.

Topics to be covered include resilient systems, model-based systems engineering, commercial-driven transformational systems engineering, natural systems, agile security, systems of systems, and cyber-physical systems across disciplines and domains of interest to the constituent groups in the systems engineering community: industry, government, and academia. Advances in practice often come from lateral connections of information dissemination across disciplines and domains. INSIGHT will track advances in the state of the art with follow-up, practically written articles to more rapidly disseminate knowledge to stimulate practice throughout the community.