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ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards: Engineering and Financial Aspects

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards: Engineering and Financial Aspects

Alan S. Morris

ISBN: 978-0-470-09078-7 February 2006 300 Pages


This book covers the cross-disciplinary areas between management issues and engineering issues relevant to implementation of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to the ISO 14000 series standards. It summarises the requirements set by ISO14001 and considers the management and engineering policies needed to satisfy these requirements and achieve ISO 14001 certification.
  • Unique approach by integrating environmental management and engineering considerations
  • Avoids overuse of complicated technical jargon
  • Detailed coverage of measurement and calibration standards to meet ISO14001
  • Provides example of EMS documentation and records manual
  • Detailed coverage and control of air, water, noise, vibration pollution and waste management


1. Introduction.

2. Design and Implementation of ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

3. Measurement Systems in Environmental Management.

4. Measurement System Errors.

5. Measurement Signal Conversion, Processing, Transmission and Recording.

6. Quantification and Effects of Air Pollution.

7. Quantification and Effects of Water Pollution.

8. Control of Air and Water Pollution.

9. Noise, Vibration and Shock Pollution.

10. Waste Management.

11. System Reliability and Risk Assessment for Environmental Protection.

12. Statistical Process Control.

13. Monitoring Process Parameter Values to Minimise Pollution Risk.

Appendix 1: Summary of ISO 14000 Series Standards.

Appendix 2: Typical Structure of an Environmental Management System Manual.