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ISO 9000 in Construction

ISO 9000 in Construction

Paul A. Nee

ISBN: 978-0-471-12121-3 April 1996 224 Pages


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Here is the ultimate handbook for engineers, architects,contractors, specifications workers, and hardware managers who needto deliver products and services at a consistently high level ofquality. It introduces ISO 9000, a proven method of building aquality track record that will stand up under the closest scrutinyeven in the most competitive environments.

ISO 9000 in Construction enables construction professionals--fromarchitects and engineers to contractors and suppliers--to developquality standards and procedures precisely suited to theirparticular needs and responsibilities. It offers step-by-stepinstructions on the implementation and management of an ISO 9000quality assurance system and demonstrates how the system puts thequality-management process into effect before work begins anddetects and corrects problems before they reach disastrousproportions.

The book introduces the 20 basic elements of ISO 9000 and describeshow each can be implemented in a wide array of construction-relatedcompanies. It coaches readers in the development of qualitymanuals, general quality procedures, work instructions, and theforms that are used in a quality assurance system. Numerous casestudies demonstrate the ability of ISO 9000 to improve a company'squality performance, avoid costly errors that erode profits, andproduce satisfied customers eager to use the company's servicesagain.

Companies with ISO 9000 certification are already given contractpreference in Europe and Australia. It is likely that within a fewyears the same will be true in North America. This book helpsconstruction-related firms get a head start on ISO 9000 compliancewhile raising their performance levels, improving efficiency andproductivity, and assuring a fair profit from their goods andservices.

The only ISO 9000 book tailor-made for the construction industry .. .

ISO 9000 compliance is rapidly becoming a prerequisite forcompanies seeking international construction contracts, and thesame may soon be true for firms operating solely within NorthAmerica. Until now, however, no book has approached ISO 9000 fromthe unique point of view of the construction industry and relatedfields.

This indispensable handbook offers a comprehensive, step-by-stepinterpretation of ISO 9000 quality standards and theirimplementation in the construction industry. This remarkably usefulguide
* Introduces ISO 9000 concepts and explains how they apply to allplayers in the construction industry, from architects, tocontractors, to suppliers
* Explains how each of the standard's 20 elements is implemented inthe various construction-related manufacturing and servicecompanies
* Describes the development of quality manuals, general qualityprocedures, work instructions, and forms needed to implement aquality-assurance system
* Provides case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ISO9000 standards
* Supplies numerous forms, checklists, tables, and illustrations tohelp readers understand and apply the requirements

For architects, engineers, contractors, specifications workers,hardware managers, and other professionals in construction-relatedindustries, ISO 9000 in Construction is the key to achieving moreconsistent performance levels, improved efficiency andproductivity, a solid reputation for quality, and a sharpercompetitive edge.
History and Background.

ISO 9000 Family of Standards.

ISO 9001 Explained.

How to Plan and Implement an ISO 9000 Quality System.

Auditing Quality Systems.

Managing the Quality System.

The Consultant's Role in ISO 9000 Registration.

Case Studies.